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26th April 2012
• Sarah Brennan, Chief Executive, YoungMinds
• Mick Atkinson, Head of Commissioning and
Research, Place2Be
• Lisa Williams, Consultant and member of the
BOND Consortium
• Elaine Willis, VCO lead associate, FPM
Today’s purpose
• Introduce the BOND project, and the Tees Valley
– who is involved
– why
• Making the case for children’s mental health
• The local system – where you fit in
• Feed back and discuss what we have heard so
• Consult on the suggested pilot programme
• Plan next steps with you
BOND’s shared principles
• Intervening early has been shown to reduce escalation to
a crisis and achieve improved outcomes;
• increased learning and educational attainment
• Behaviour and school attendance
• better physical health,
• improved long term mental health
• reduced health and social care costs.
• Voluntary and community organisations have an important
role to play in providing effective, high quality early
intervention services as they are local, flexible, trusted,
informal and friendly.
Why is it important….
• One in ten children and young people have a clinically recognised
mental disorder.
• Mental illness is the single largest cost to the NHS at £10.4 billion
(10.8% of the NHS budget) - wider costs in England amount to £105.2
billion a year.
• Half of lifetime cases of diagnosable mental illnesses begin by age 14
(¾ by mid 20’s).
• Improved availability of early intervention services for C&YP could
prevent 25–50% of adult mental illness.
• Economic returns of early childhood intervention programmes exceed
cost by an average ratio of 1:6.
Risk factors - mental health
• Adverse childhood experiences - 12 times more at risk of attempting
suicide, 10 times of injecting drug use,7 times of being an alcoholic, 4
times of being depressed or illicit drug use.
• Violence and abuse - A history of child abuse increases the risk of
lifetime prevalence of depression by 1.8- 2.7 times for women and 1.62.6 times for men
• Looked After Children - 8 times more likely to develop conduct disorder,
3 times an emotional disorder and 7 times a hyperkinetic disorder. Up-to
5 times more likely to attempt suicide.
• Poor education - Leaving school <15 years old, 2.5 times more at risk.
• Urban environment - Lack of social support increases the risk by 2 fold,
lack of green spaces by 80%
• Unemployment - Economically inactive -up to 5.5 times more at risk
• Fuel poverty – 2.3 million vulnerable people live in fuel poverty in the
UK, cold homes increase the risk of depression by 50%
• Recently released prisoners - are 35 times more likely to commit
suicide if they are female and 8 times if they are male, young offenders
18 times more likely.
 Mental Health Strategy 
 Health and Social Care
 Healthy Lives Healthy 
SEN and Disability
Green Paper
Education Act 2011
framework for school
Contribute to the development and increase of early intervention mental health
services provided by VCSOs - high quality, offering choice, value for money and
evidence based effective interventions
• Develop and disseminate quality standards and accreditation
• Gather and share examples of what works in practice e.g. road shows, learning
from TAMHS.
• Five pilots across the country to offer bespoke support and explore what will
help, test approaches etc
• Share the learning from the pilots nationally, via training and information
• Develop practical tools and methods
• Provide targeted support nationally to BME organisations and providers of
services to the most vulnerable children and young people, including looked
after children and those at risk of offending.
About the BOND Tees Valley
Pilot aims
• Build on relationships and understanding between VCSOs and
commissioners through a shared process of learning, support
and challenge
• Help you to develop service quality, value for money and
evidence based early intervention mental health services for
• Bring national expertise and information
• Learn from you and share with others
• Identify and respond to capacity building needs
What the pilot will not do
Guarantee VCSOs that they will be commissioned more!
Guarantee successful bidding!
Provide funding for services
Tell commissioners which VCSOs are best!
Pass on information about each other which will impact
on competition for funding
Why Tees Valley?
Cyp population of approximately 150,000
Mixed economy in terms of current VCSO provision
High levels of deprivation/challenge
Clear potential and enthusiasm for CYPs mental health,
and recognition of need for earlier intervention
• Commissioners (NHS Tees and 5 local authorities) and
others engaged in development of strategic plan – whole
system change inc; increased earlier intervention and
remodelling TEWV CAMHS
• High level interest from schools and headteachers
BOND Tees Valley pilot participants
• Already delivering early intervention MH
• In the business plan for future
• Service is accessed by CYP with MH problems
• Not for profit (various models including community Interest
• Local authorities
• Schools - three cluster groups (Hartlepool, Middlesbrough,
Redcar and Cleveland)
•Also local NHS CAMHS provider (Tees, Esk and Wear Valley
NHS Foundation Trust)
Who is involved in the pilot?
Local Authorities
• Darlington Borough Council
• Hartlepool Borough Council
• Middlesbrough Borough Council
• Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council
• Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council
• NHS Tees (formerly PCTs) which
NHS Middlesbrough
NHS Stockton upon Tees
NHS Redcar and Cleveland
NHS Hartlepool
Tees Esk and Wear Valley NHS (Mental
Health) Foundation Trust
Schools - 3 clusters/groups
• East Middlesbrough Cluster (14
• Hartlepool Group (7 schools –
primaries still tbc)
• Redcar and Cleveland Cluster (7
schools – primaries still tbc)
Support from VCS Development
Middlesbrough Voluntary Development
Catalyst (Stockton-on-Tees)
Hartlepool Voluntary Development
Redcar & Cleveland Voluntary
Development Agency
Evolution (Darlington)
• MIND (Middlesbrough and
• MIND (Hartlepool)
• MIND (Redcar & Cleveland)
• MIND (Darlington)
• The Junction (Redcar and
• The LINK (Redcar)
• The Alliance (Stockton-onTees)
• Tees Valley Counselling
Trust (Tees wide, based in
• Fairbridge (Tees wide, based
in Princes Trust,
• Families Talking
• Haven (Hartlepool)
• The Cabin (Stockton)
• Harbour (Tees – various
• Eastern Ravens (Stockton)
• Westview (Hartlepool)
• Kidz Konnekt (Redcar and
Note; further organisation still to
confirm: Forget-Me-Not (Tees wide),
Early Intervention
‘We need help and support early on – not when
it’s too late. We want more trained workers we can
talk to, who will look out for us and our needs and
we want to be taught how to be emotionally
healthy and look after ourselves’
Sarah, 14, from VIK, was abused from a young age and bullied at school.
She was excluded from the classroom for her ‘disruptive’ behaviour, which made her feel
unworthy, unwanted and bad when all she really wanted was ‘for someone to notice my
distress and help me’