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REDCap Data Collection System
Gomathi Krishnan, Ph.D
Clinical and Translational Research Informatics Specialist
Stanford Center for Clinical Informatics
REDCap (Research Electronic Data
• Online data entry into a database using a web interface,
eliminating the need for paper forms.
• REDCap project was initiated at Vanderbilt University
• ~89 consortium partners, 1540 studies with over 5510 endusers
• Stanford University, a consortium partner
• The data is committed and stored to a “MySQL” database,
placed in a secure IRT server, protected by adequate layers of
firewalls, backed up daily.
Workflow comparison
We are Currently on REDCap v 2.3.2 version
Current v2.3.2
Newer v3.0
1. Offline excel based database 1. Online database, creation or
creation or modifications to be modifications to be
done by SCCI.
done by investigator/Staff
2. No scheduling of events
2. Scheduling and calendar
Release of v3.0 in less than 1 month
Features of RedCap v3.0
• Build web-based databases quickly and securely - Create and
design your database rapidly using secure web authentication.
No extra software is required.
• Fast and flexible - Conception to production-level database in
less than one day.
• Export data to common data analysis packages - Export your
data to Microsoft Excel, SAS, Stata, R, or SPSS for analysis.
• Ad Hoc Reporting - Create custom queries for generating
reports to view or download.
• Save your data entry forms as a PDF to print - Generate a PDF
version of your data collection forms for printing to collect
data offline.
Features of RedCap..contd
• Multi-site access - REDCap databases/surveys can be used by
researchers from multiple sites and institutions.
• Advanced features - Mid-study modifications, auto-validation,
branching logic, and calculated fields.
• *Scheduling - Utilize a built-in project calendar and
scheduling module for organizing your events and
Projects suitable for REDCap
Clinical Research data collected within 2-3 years
» Prospective/Retrospective studies
Great replacement for excel
How do you enter a red cap site?
Once your Sunetid is added to a redcap project by a
Click here.
Everyone with permission to
use REDCap can see the demo
Your work will appear here
until it is on the final “build”.
Click to see the
Watch these to learn how to set it up.
Date text
Dropdown lists
Radio buttons
Explore the Excel Tutorial
• REDCap 2 uses an Excel spreadsheet to set up
the database (which is built in MySQL).
• Version 3 can be set up entirely on the web.
These are not
mutually exclusive.
So you need many
yes and no variables.
This is an extra variable.
Demographics and
medical information
These are
exclusive so
only one
This is an extra variable.
raceblack raceasian raceeast
Screen shot of first build
REDCap demo
– Filter records: Report Builder
– Track User information: Data logging
– Add external Data : Data Import
– Blinded Multisite Trials: Data Access groups
– Online database creation 3.0
Calendaring REDCap 3
• REDCap 3 has calendaring but it only works
well for a study with a fixed study calendar.
REDCap Survey
Still in the Pilot Investigative mode !
How do I get access to red cap and start
creating my database?
1. Request for a free consultation at:
2. Name Specific requests
3. Accessing REDCap from Outside Stanford:
Todd A Ferris MD, MS
(Associate CIO - IT Services)
Henry J Lowe, MD
(Senior Associate Dean for IRT )
Susan C Weber, PhD
(Director, Informatics Systems Development)
Stanford Center for Clinical Informatics