You Are Graduating

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Transcript You Are Graduating

Senior Degree Information
Purpose of this Presentation
• Review critical information and deadlines that
are important to completing your degree and
the 2014 commencement ceremonies.
Completing Your Degree
Program Evaluation
• Available through Web Advisor
• Read thoroughly (ALL PAGES!)
• If you see a blank line with “1 course needed” or “_
units needed” this requirement MUST be
• Pay special attention to upper division credits for
major and for core
• The little box in the upper left corner is a great
indicator of your unit progress and unit completionDO NOT IGNORE IT!
Before your Senior Audit
• Plan 2014 schedule(s)
• Be prepared to register on time. If any
courses needed to complete your
degree is not being offered contact your
advisor immediately.
Senior Audit Meeting
• Your Evaluator in the Registrar’s Office will email you.
• Review thoroughly to discuss any
issues/concerns you may have about your
remaining degree requirements.
• If needed you may have a meeting via e-mail
or you may schedule an appointment to meet
Who is my Evaluator?
– Please call Registrar’s Office– A- Coo
– Holly Mulligan– Cop - Herm
– Robyn Ballard– Hern- McG
– Shannon McCabe – McH- Sand
– Betty Letiero – Sane- Z
Any other Questions see Lorraine
your Associate Registrar
Apply to Graduate
Bring: Once there, pay your grad fee and fill
out the application for degree.
• You may also mail in your application along
with the commencement fee:
Cal Lutheran University, 60 W. Olsen Road
#1325, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
The application can be found on our
When do I need to turn this in?
• October 1 - $75 grad fee
• After October 1 - $100 fee
– No guarantee of receiving your senior audit
before spring registration
• Winter/Spring/Summer 2014 grads only
Baccalaureate and
Baccalaureate – What is it?
• Baccalaureate is a worship service for all graduates
and their families. Marking the end of the year in
ritual, readings, and blessings, we mark this turning
point of students and their families as sacred time.
This service celebrates a graduate’s degree
completion and commends them to God’s blessing
and keeping. This worship includes the celebration of
Holy Communion where all are welcome!
Baccalaureate –Time and Location
• Friday, May 16 at 8 p.m.
• Location: Samuelson Chapel
Please note that this is a new time and
Commencement Ceremony
• Saturday, May 17 2014 at 10 a.m.
• Location: William Rolland Stadium
Who is eligible to participate in
• Student who complete all degree
requirements November 2013-August
• August candidates must be done by the
end of August (2 classes—no CLEP
exams). Must be registered for summer
classes in April.
Why are there restrictions on who
can participate in the ceremony
• Commencement commemorates
completion of the degree
• Past students who were allowed to
participate early never completed their
• In the past, very few students who
applied for August graduation finished,
especially if work was taken elsewhere.
New: Tickets for Commencement
• CLU believes that it is important that each
student’s family should be able to attend
• 9 tickets each student
• Additional tickets may become available in
the general pool on a first-come, first-served
• Feb 3: Ticket registration open
• April 15: Ticket registration closed
• September:
– Apply for degree and pay fee
• October:
– Meet with advisor to plan you schedules.
• December:
– Registration for Spring & Summer 2014 – Dec . 16th After
registration check your program evaluation to make sure that
everything is complete - there should be no blank spots or
missing elements
• February
– Ticket Registration Opens – February 3
• April:
– Deadline to take credit by exam or CLEP exams – April 1
– Ticket Registration Closes – April 15
Thank you and
have a great
senior year!