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Transcript Under the Rebel Flag Power Point

Before the War
What was life like in Texas before the Civil
The annexation of slave states vs. free
states was a problem.
 Abolitionist movements were in the
 Texans did not re-elect Sam Houston as
their U.S. Senator because of his Unionist
1860: Big Trouble
What were several events that caused the
secession of Texas?
Cotton industry and enslaved people
needed for this industry.
What events caused Sam Houston to struggle
as a governor during this period?
 Houston refused to call the legislature and
tried to block the Secession Convention.
 On Feb. 1, Texas seceded from the Union.
 Houston used the Texas Rangers to try to
stop the messengers to the federal arsenal
to state they have seceded.
 Texans approved secession.
 Houston refused the loyalty oath and was
1861: Opening Act
How did the Civil War in 1861 affect
Union soldiers began to block the
Galveston port.
 Removal of soldiers that protected the
western frontier.
 New governor
Who disagreed with the secession of Texas?
 30% of the population
 German communities of the Texas Hill
Country (Forty-Eighters-free thinkers who
did not believe in slavery)
 Small farmers in northeast Texas who
could not afford the plantation lifestyle
 Many stayed quiet about their opinions
because of vigilante groups that attacked
and sometimes killed dissenters.
1862: Fiery Trial
How did the Conscription Act affect Texas?
Texas opposed the Conscription Act
because they believed it was against
states’ rights. Fewer and fewer men left
to fight in the war.
1862: Fiery Trial
How did the fighting along the coast affect
Texans moved inland and the economy
became weaker.
 Cotton and supplies were moved
through Mexico.
1862: Fiery Trial
How did Texans react to the effects of the
The governor and the legislature tried to
buy guns and ammunition and
requested help from President Jefferson
Davis. They were not sucessful.
1863: The Tide Turns
What was the impact of the second Battle of Galveston?
 The victory boosted the morale of the Confederacy,
but Galveston citizens were treated as disloyal with
the city occupied and in bad condition.
 Continued attacks by the Union forces on the Texas
coast extending the war
 The Texas legislature decided to protect the frontier.
 Texans began not to support the war efforts.
 The lives of enslaved people became more
1864: No Way Out
How did the war affect everyday Texans?
 Women took on more responsibilities
because men were at war.
 Few battles took place in Texas.
 Shortages disrupted lives.
 More state taxes were imposed.
 School houses were closed.
 Speculators made fortunes.
End of the Ordeal
How did the battles in Texas at the end of
the Civil War affect the state?
Confederate forces resisted Union
incursions, but the end of the war was
already happening in eastern states
where most of the fighting and
destruction occurred.