Act III Macbeth

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Transcript Act III Macbeth

Open books to page 37  Let’s go over the answers together.

 Make corrections (on your own time). Write them neatly and submit Monday to earn credit back.

If you read last night… You should be able to answer this ONE question: What does Macbeth plan to do and why?

Grab a whiteboard and answer the question.

Open to Act III, scene i


-Banquo -Macbeth -Lady Macbeth -Attendant -First murderer -Second murderer


 According to Banquo, how did Macbeth get all that the weird women promised?


Macbeth says, “For them the gracious Duncan have I murdered.” Who is he talking about? What is bothering Macbeth in this soliloquy?

3. In a previous speech, what did Macbeth try to convince the murderers of?


What do the murderers say about their own lives and their willingness to do what Macbeth want them to do?


Besides Banquo, who else does Macbeth want dead?

Let’s watch it…  Guid/44750D24-B5EC-41B8-B272-97FD53496F94

Scene ii Need: -Lady Macbeth -Servant -Macbeth

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Scene iii