Mindfulness Parent Faculty Club February 10, 2015

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Transcript Mindfulness Parent Faculty Club February 10, 2015

Parent Faculty Club
May 7, 2015
Thought of the day
“A happy spirit is good
Upcoming Events
5/8 - Crazy Hair Day
5/8 – Colonial Plantation Trip (4th)
5/11 – 4th Grade Middle School Trip
5/12 – Early Dismissal
5/13 – Math Assembly
5/14 – 4th Grade Spring Concert
5/15 – 3rd Grade Riverbend Trip
5/15 – 4th Grade Class Picture
5/18 – Kindergarten Zoo Assembly
5/19 – No School Election Day
5/20 – TD Bank Wow Day
5/21 – 2nd Grade Trip Solly Brothers Farm
5/22 – Field Day
5/25 – No School Memorial Day
5/26 – Field Day Rain date
5/29 – Spirit Day Silly Sock Day
6/1 – Kona Water Ice
Important Info
 DaVita Day
 iPads & Smartboards- On their way!!!
 Paul Fly won 1st Place in our district 24 competition
 PVF Reading Olympic Team won a blue Ribbon!
Important Changes
 Staff Changes
Building Sub: Megan Dewey
4th Grade: Kaitlyn Brenner
2nd Grade: Allie Schilgen
ES Class: Erin Etnier
Lead Teacher: Cheryl Osborne
Guidance Counselor: Brittany Strobel
 Building Changes- Start May 11th
Important School Info
 PSSA- Thank you for your flexibility
 Reflections of PSSA test Tough Tests
 Teaching Multi-step problem solving
 Reading comprehension (what the question is asking)
Math & Reading
 Title 1 Plan
 Parent/Volunteer handbook
Act 153
 The law now requires all school employees, contractors
and volunteers having direct contact with children to
obtain new clearances (child abuse background checks
and state and federal criminal history checks) every 36
 Effective December 31, 2014, new volunteers must have
clearances in order to be approved for their positions.
Existing volunteers who do not already have clearances
must get them by July 1, 2015, and those with clearances
that will be more than three years old on July 1, 2015,
must get new ones before July 1.
Act 153
 For purposes of the CPSL clearance requirements, a volunteer is an
adult serving in an unpaid position in which they are individually
responsible for the welfare of a child or have “direct contact with
children” (care, supervision, guidance or control of children, or
routine interaction with children).
 If a volunteer has continuously resided in Pennsylvania for 10 years
AND swears in writing that he or she has never been convicted of a
disqualifying crime in PA, or the corresponding offenses under the
laws of any other jurisdiction, they need only the Department of
Human Services child abuse clearance and the PA criminal history
check; the federal check is not needed.
 Our district website has a link reflecting forms and documentation
related to the background checks.