Transcript Document

This is your
log in screen.
The first time
you use this at
home click on
You will need to check
Browser Tune-up
before you log in
the first time.
Once you have checked
your system click
home at the top to
return to your log in
Please use the
Username you
are given and
Click Log In
User Name: [email protected]
Password: (your 3 initials and ID number)
User Name: [email protected]
Password: tms55555
will be small
NO spaces
This is your home page for NovaNET. If you notice the My Profile
At the top of the screen – DO NOT change your Username or
Password, changing these will lock you out of the system.
Notice the active lesson will be a darker grey.
There are several ways to access your Pre-test, lessons or
1. Click on the name of the Class
2. Or click on content
Your activate lesson is the one in blue.
You can access the Pre-test, lessons or Post-test by clicking on the
Or the then click Open.
You will begin every module with a Pretest if you are in
the prescriptive course. Please read the message above
the Pretest.
This is your final attempt for this activity.
You will get only 1 chance at a Pretest.
As you finish you will notice the green circle with the
check mark and the word Completed underneath.
This message will show so wait until
lesson is loaded.
When taking the Pretest do not save for later, try and take all in one session.
When you finish with the last answer press FINISH: Submit for Grading.
If you need to save a Posttest make sure that you don’t go to the next question.
answer the question you are on the click Save for Later.
If you click on the next question the system will lock you out of all the questions
behind the one you are on.
You must “Submit for Grading” if you don’t
it’s like you have never worked and you will
have to do everything over.
This goes for any Pretest, Posttest, Lessons, or
Offline assignment will have their own folder they are imbedded between Modules.
You may have more that one folder with work to be done.
At this time all English Classes have offline assignments.
When you finish with the modules and
lessons there will be a REVIEW TEST that
will be taken at school either in the
NovaNET lab or before school with a
You must score 70% or higher on the
REVIEW TEST to receive credit for the