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Magnet Schools
Options for High School
Magnet Schools
• EPISD offers a wide variety of magnets to its high
school students.
• This allows students to determine what the future
has in store for them and to jump-start their life’s
There are 7 Magnet Schools in
EPISD & 1 Early College School
and CCTE
Chapin High School Pre-engineering Program
Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos
Maxine Silva Health Magnet
Academy of International Business & Public Affairs
International Baccaulaureate Program
Sandra Day O’Conner Criminal Justice Academy
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
Transmountain Early College High School
Center for Career & Technology
Center for Career & Technology
• Students attend CCTE for half of the school
day and their high school the other half.
• Designed for 10th through 12th grade students
• Elective credits will be earned including
health, technology, science, and PE
depending on the program enrolled.
• Most programs are for 2 years
• Earn certification or licensure in a technical field
• Many programs offer “dual credit” which is
transferable to many colleges.
• Gain valuable practical experience – “hands-on”
Chapin HS Pre-engineering Program
• Designed to prepare students to be successful in
• Instruction gives students hands-on experience in
problem-solving and teamwork
• Enroll in 5 levels of college preparatory math, 5
levels of science, and advanced technology courses
Pre-engineering cont.
• Strong mentorship program and community service
participation with:
White Sands Missile Range
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Southern Methodist University (SMU)
New Mexico State University (NMSU)
University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Maxine Silva Health Magnet
Jefferson HS
• For students interested in a career in health
science technology, medical studies,
biotechnology, biological sciences, or scientific
• Hands-on experience in the “real” world of
• Earn certification and licensures such as
Vocational Nurse and Pharmacy Technology
Silva cont.
• Internships at Thomason Hospital, Texas Tech
University School of Medicine, and other medical
• Clown internship to entertain pediatric patients at
area hospitals
Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos
El Paso HS
• A Gifted and Talented Dual Language Magnet
• The G/T program is delivered 50% in English and
50% in Spanish.
• The Program provides students the opportunity to
develop advanced level products and presentations in
both English and Spanish.
Connecting Worlds cont.
• The only magnet that offers Pre-Advanced
Placement and Advanced Placement math and
science courses in a dual language setting.
• Also provides opportunities to qualify for the Junior
Scholars Program at UTEP.
Academy of International Business
& Public Affairs
Bowie HS
• A highly interactive business and public affairs
curriculum enhanced through an international focus
of communication technologies.
• Communication Systems Modular Learning Lab and
Public Broadcasting Studio.
Academy of Business cont.
• Students will learn to use and implement various
multimedia technologies such as:
• Digital video
• Photography, music, and DVD production
• Digital movie recording, editing, and broadcasting
Academy of Business cont.
• Video conference with students and businesses
in various regions of the world.
Some coursework includes:
Media/Communication Systems
Business Law/Business Ownership
Foreign Trade
International Relations
Accounting in the Global Market Place
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Coronado HS
• Preparatory program that educates in all areas from
math and science to foreign language and the
• The only IB school in the Southwest Region and one
of only 24 in the state of Texas.
IB cont.
• Each students must earn the IB Diploma by
taking six externally designed and graded
Language A (English)
Language B (Spanish, French, Japanese)
Experimental Science (Biology, Chemistry,
Mathematics (3 levels of placement)
Art or Elective
Sandra Day O’Connor Criminal
Justice/Public Service Academy
Austin HS
• Designed to provide a rich academic and incisive portrait of the
many-faceted public service career cluster.
Enriched through community service participation and mentorship
from many agencies such as:
Fort Bliss
El Paso Police Department
El Paso County Sheriff ’s Department
El Paso Fire Department
U.S. Border Patrol
Bureau of Customs
Criminal Justice cont.
• Opportunity to earn at least 24 dual credit college
• Students will participate in mentoring and technical
internships junior and senior year.
Criminal Justice cont.
• Specialized Academy
courses include:
Criminal Law/Justice
Forensic Science
EMS Certification
Fire Science
Traffic Laws
Domestic Terrorism
Report writing
Crash investigation
Patrol procedures
Court proceeding
Public speaking/Debate
Irvin High School
• Tstem Academy
• While attending the Irvin Science, Technology,
Engineering and Math Academy, every student is
introduced to STEM related professions and career
• Propel students into STEM careers
Transmountain Early College
High School
• Transmountain Campus-opened to Freshmen
class Fall 2008
• Focus on Academics-rigorous course of study
on T-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,
& Math)
• Attain an Associate’s Degree while completing a
high school diploma
• This campus is strictly academics—no
extracurricular activities (sports, band,etc.)
All Magnet schools:
• Are free and provide transportation to and from their
home school
Will have open houses between November and February
Deadline to apply is between December and February
(apply 8th grade year)
Most of the admissions criteria look at the overall average
of all core subjects, absences, and TAKS scores for both
7th grade and 8th grade.
Any student attending a magnet school is eligible to
participate in that school’s athletic, academic, or other
extra-curricular activities.
Magnet schools
• Any questions? See your counselor
• Check out the videos and online applications at
• Have a great year!
• Go Bulldogs!!!!!
Julie May Black
M.Ed., BS.
Brown Middle School Counselor
Students Last Name M – Z
[email protected]