Welcome to the Central Academy IB Informational Meeting

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Transcript Welcome to the Central Academy IB Informational Meeting

Getting to know the Diploma Programme
Saturday, 3rd July 2010
Why is the IB Diploma
Programme the right choice?
The IBDP prepares students for a lifetime of
success Methodology and Curriculum Inquiry –
•The IBDP enhances the National Curriculum
Students learn to extract knowledge from everyday
Research skills, application of knowledge to real life
situations, storing and using information
Techniques of learning – an important tool
Competitive Fields –
•IBDP students are ready to face all kinds of
•Format of Competitive Exams
•IB supports Indian students in Exam
Further Studies –
•Indian Universities ready for IBDP students
•IB result format understood and accepted
•IB supports the request for results in
•Abroad – students benefit from extra credits
Careers –
•Global leaders - ready to lead the world
•Element of Service through CAS
•Appreciating differences – respecting
cultures – Theory of Knowledge
A closer look at the
Diploma Programme
Objectives of the IB Diploma Programme
• To develop
an ability to structure ideas and arguments, both orally and in
writing, in a logical, sustained and persuasive way,
understand and respond appropriately to written and spoken
express ideas with clarity and fluency
invites comparisons between, but not judgments of, different
cultures, political systems and national traditions.
explores the interactions between humans and their
environment in time, space and place
Demonstrate the personal skills of cooperation, perseverance
and responsibility
Subjects in the Diploma Program
Group 1 - Language A1 – English
Group 2 - Second Language – Hindi; French ab initio
Group 3 - Individuals and Societies – Economics;
Business & Management; History
Group 4 - Experimental Sciences – Biology, Chemistry,
Physics, ESS
Group 5 - Mathematics and Computer Science
Group 6 - The Arts – Visual Arts
Unless mentioned all subjects are available as HL and SL
Core - ToK, CAS, Extended Essay
Most of the DP subjects in the IBDP are
offered at 2 Levels
– Standard Level (SL): Teaching time
of150 hours.
– Higher Level (HL): Teaching time of
240 hours.
For a Diploma all students have to
choose 6 subjects
- 3 at HL
- 3 at SL
Compulsory Core – Theory of
Knowledge, Extended Essay, CAS
IB Assessment Pattern
Internal Assessment: Conducted
under the guidance of the IB teachers at
School, marked at School and sent to IB
for moderation.
External Assessment: Year–end IB
Board Exam, all scripts are sent to the
IB for marking.