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Common Core Standards for Math… Less is More



Mathematics Shift 1: Focus

What the Student Does…

• Spend more time on fewer


What the Teacher Does…

excise content from the curriculum • Focus instructional time on priority


• Give students the gift of time


Sample Grade 5


Mathematics Shift 2: Coherence

What the Student Does…

Build on knowledge from year to year, in a coherent learning progression

What the Teacher Does…

• Connect the threads of math focus areas across grade levels •

connect to the way content was

taught the year before and the years after • Focus on priority progressions


Mathematics Shift 3: Fluency

What the Student Does…

• Spend time practicing, with intensity, skills (in high volume)

What the Teacher Does…

• Push students to know basic skills at a greater level of fluency • Focus on the listed fluencies by grade level • Uses high quality problem sets, in high volume


K 1 2 7 8 3 4 5 6

Key Fluencies

Required Fluency

Add/subtract within 5 Add/subtract within 10 Add/subtract within 20 Add/subtract within 100 (pencil and paper) Multiply/divide within 100 Add/subtract within 1000 Add/subtract within 1,000,000 Multi-digit multiplication Multi-digit division Multi-digit decimal operations Solve px + q = r, p(x + q) = r Solve simple 2  2 systems by inspection


Mathematics Shift 4: Deep Understanding

What the Student Does…

• Show mastery of material at a deep level

What the Teacher Does…

• Create opportunities for students to understand the “answer” from a

variety of access points

Articulate mathematical reasoning demonstrate deep conceptual understanding of priority concepts • Ensure that EVERY student GETS IT before moving on • Get smarter in concepts being taught


Mathematics Shift 5: Application

What the Student Does…

Apply math in other content areas

and situations, as relevant

What the Teacher Does…

• Apply math including areas where its not directly required (i.e. in science) • Choose the right math concept to solve a problem when not necessarily prompted to do so • Provide students with real world experiences and opportunities to apply what they have learned


Mathematics Shift 6: Dual Intensity

What the Student Does…

• Practice math skills with an intensity that results in fluency

What the Teacher Does…

• Find the dual intensity between understanding and practice within

different periods or different units

• Practice math concepts with an intensity that forces application in novel situations • Be ambitious in demands for fluency and practice, as well as the range of application

NY State Test Item 5th Grade Math (2005)

Example Common Core Performance Task 5th Grade Math

New York State’s Link to Sample Math Questions

• core-sample-questions/


Candy wants to buy herself a new bicycle that costs $240. Candy has already saved $32, but she needs to make a plan so she can save the rest of the money she needs. She decides to save the same amount of money, x dollars, each month for the next four months. Part A: Write an equation that helps Candy determine the amount of money she must save each month. Equation __________________________________ Part B: Solve the equation to find the amount of money she must save each month to meet her goal of buying a bicycle.

Show your work.

Answer $__________________________________

Helpful Hints…

When tackling a math problem and you find yourself stuck try this… Read… Underline … Need… Plan Draw a picture Solve Reflect/math senseRats under napkins played disco songs regularly” the problem once or twice.

key words or numbers.

what information and what do you need to find. How will you solve the problem?

If you cannot think of a plan draw a picture to help.

When you think you are finished look over your answer does it make sense and did you answer the question?

Clue Words:

Addition: Subtraction: Multiplication: Division: sum, total, in all, perimeter difference, how much more, how many left product, area, times share, distribute, quotient, average

Sample Assignment for Test Prep

Days of the Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Assignment

-- Mult. Fractions Page 81-82 #1, 6 & 9 Place Value Page 13 # 1, 2, 8 -- Mult. Fractions Page 81-82 #2, 3, 4 & 8 Place Value Page 13 #4 Rounding Decimals Page 25 #1 ---

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