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Projekt edukacyjny zrealizowany pod patronatem
National Geographic, którego motto brzmi:
„Moje miejsce na ziemi”.
Uczennice klasy 2b Irmina Kamara i Izabela
Piechocka realizowały projekt pod opieką Danuty
i Jarosława Fossa.
The town in the West Pomeranian Province, in the
district Myślibórz. In 1975-1998 years the city from an
administrative point of view belonged to the Gorzów
Wielkopolski Province. It is located by the River Kosa
and Lipowo Lake.
Dębno is located 23 kilometres from Myślibórz and 36
kilometres from Gorzów Wielkopolski
In the far past it was a village of Slav origins. From 1232
Dębno was a possession of Templars. In those days the
prince of Poland - Władysław Odonic gave them the
village Chwarszczany with 1000 cornfields ( 15-17
thousand ha) between Odra ,Myśla and Warta river.
It’s time to show you the culture of our city. Even if
Dębno is small, during the year we have a lot of
attractions. Everyone will find something to yourself !
The runners can take part in marathon, the dancers can
be active in DOK , and nature lovers can go to the forests
which are around our town. People , who just want to
have a good time should come to our Dębno Culture
First marathon in Dębno was held 22nd April 1966. The
track was 21.5km long. Only a dozen of participants took
part in that edition. However, the popularity of this
event became higher and 3 years later in Dębno were
held Polish championships in running. The distance was
42,195km. In the years 1991-1998 marathon wasn’t
organized. It came back in 1999 and it we still can enjoy
it. Today marathon is spring tradition.
The Days of Dębno are a special occasion for
inhabitians of the town. This event takes place in
August. During 3 days we can take part in concerts , see
cabarets or martial arts. This is also unique occasion for
young talents. They can sing , play instruments or dance
at the big stage. There are also many competitions, for
example : the choice of the most beautiful dog and the
fashion show.
The Dębno Culture Center is a place place ,where
everyone can find interesting activities. There are plenty
of different classes, for example: dance, art, music. Many
theaters and cabarets are invited here. We can learn
singing, drawing or forming sculptures from clay. Even
small children can take part in the variety of activities.
The Public Library
The next place, which promotes culture in Dębno is
The Public Library. There is a large collection of books.
Every year in our library are organized meetings with
former residents of Dębno – Germans, historical and art
exhibitons, meetings with writers. Our library is the
publisher of the newspaper called „Merkuriusz
The Nature in Dębno
In Dębno we have many occasions to contact with
nature.We have beautiful forests and lakes around. One
of them is lake named Duszatyń. It is located in the
middle of the forest. It attracts people its great views and
safe bicycle path.There are playground , tables and
banches and special place for bonfire.Animal lovers can
admire different types of brids.
The Church
Another place is the parish of St. Peter and Paul's in
In the oratory near the church are organized games for
children, camps and day camps in summer. Kids have an
occasion to meet with peers, play tennis or ball. Camps
and day camps might be an interesting place to spend
„Giso” Club
The place where inhabitians of Dębno can spend
evenings is „Giso” club. Here are held discos and
concerts of popular Polish music stars. In „Giso” we can
organize banquets, parties and exhibitions . The club
cooperates with schools, preparing discos only for
particular teenagers.
The Dutch Santa Claus
Before Christmas the atmosphere in Dębno warms
Santa Claus from Holland with his helpers. He has a
realistic costume and a fantastic beard. All day are
distributed toys and sweets. Kids from schools and
kindergartens perform song and poems for Santa Claus.
The Drama Triad
The important event in Dębno is The Drama Triad. It is
organized every year and lasts 3 days. At the festival play
amateurs and professionals. We can watch several
performances with different topics. The actors are really
talented. The audience can take part in artistic
workshops and listen to concerts.