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Mobile Banking Application
Steven Hong
Kwan Hong Lee
Marko Popovic
Mobile Banking
 Online banking has given more freedom to customers to deal with
their accounts without requiring them to actually step into a branch
• The goal of mobile banking is to expand that freedom to users even
more, by making it so the user is not even required to be near a
• One of the newest pieces of mobile technology that is becoming
widely popular is the iPhone
• Currently, mobile banking applications for the iPhone allow the user
to view account balances, make transfers, and pay bills
Things to consider
 The iPhone’s large screen means there’s a lot of space
that can be taken advantage of by the application
 The multi-touch interface that the iPhone makes it
unique from a mouse-click interface
 Typing is tedious on the iPhone and it is difficult to tap
with precision for some
 The purpose of mobile banking is for the user on the go
Mobile Banking for the iPhone
 The goal of this project is to explore ways to efficiently
view data on a small screen
 The iPhone’s screen is relatively large for a phone, but
it is still a small screen
 Designing ways to display more useful data in the same
small area
 Home menu where user can
switch easily between
Account View
 Displays graph to show
trends in data over time
and placards that give more
specific data about a given
Changing Views
 Changing views and which
point to view is made easy
by the iPhone’s picker tool
Ideas for the Future
 Create an option to see a graph of transactions of only a
certain category
 Superimpose graphs of transactions of different
 Calculate basic statistics for each category, such as
average cost of each transaction