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Writing a Series of Paragraphs (Opinion Writing)
Series of Paragraphs
(5 paragraph format)
Introduction Paragraph
Body Paragraph #1
Body Paragraph #2
Body Paragraph #3
Conclusion Paragraph
Literacy Test Task:
 Write a minimum of three paragraphs expressing
an opinion about the topic given
 Develop your main idea with supporting details
(proof, facts, examples etc.)
 The audience: adults interested in your opinion
 The lined space provided indicates the
approximate length of writing expected
 Topic:
“Is it a good idea for high school students to have
a part-time job?
 Length:
Approximately 2 pages
**page 16-18 2008-2009 osslt book
What to do BEFORE you write:
1. Read all instructions carefully
2. Form an opinion about the topic
3. List reasons (supports) for your opinion as well
as details, examples or facts to back them up
Complete this work in the “rough notes” section
provided in your OSSLT booklet, this work is not
Identify which of these supports is the weakest,
second strongest to strongest
Is it a good idea for high school students to have a
part-time job?
 Start to build a resume
 I want to focus my free
 Make your own spending
time on studying
 I want to be involved in
extra curriculars instead
 My parents give me an
 Take away from time I
spend with my friends
 Need something to do with
my spare time
 See what type of work I like
doing or don’t like doing
Pick a side...
 It doesn’t really matter what your personal
opinion is on the OSSLT, it matters what you
can write the most about.
 Go back a slide, which option (Yes or No)
could you write a more detailed paragraph
Writing a series of paragraphs
 Decide on the format of your answer
 You should write using the 5 paragraph format (even
though the instructions from the OSSLT booklet will
suggest you write a minimum of 3 paragraphs)
 Write your paragraphs in the third person voice
 Do not use “I”, “I think” or “in my opinion”
 Review your rough notes to decide what
information will be written in which paragraph
 Introduction Paragraph # 1
 Write a topic sentence- explain the
topic or provide a definition if
 Include an opinion statement
(thesis)- state your opinion about
the topic and list your 3 supports
 Body Paragraphs # 2, 3 and 4
 In each paragraph, select one of your
arguments that support your opinion
from your rough work
 Include examples and specific details
to emphasize your explanation
 Explain how your support backs up
your opinion
 Conclusion Paragraph
 Re-state or re-word your opinion
statement (thesis)
 Summarize your supports
Credits: Adapted from:
 Mary Nanavati – Principal Fletcher’s Meadow
 Created by: Candice Lande, Fletcher’s
 Susan Bell Louise Arbour SS