Using Cognos for Microsoft Office (Go! Office)

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Transcript Using Cognos for Microsoft Office (Go! Office)

Cognos for Microsoft Office (Go! Office)

Cognos User Group – Dec 2 nd , 2011 Comcast Proprietary and Confidential

Using Cognos for Microsoft Office (Go! Office) Agenda

 Overview of Product and Use  Initial Set up  Microsoft PowerPoint  Microsoft Excel 2

Company Overview

Comcast Overview of Cognos  Cognos was brought in to help support Customer Experience initiatives as well as IT performance metrics related to implemented technologies.

 Our audience spans everyone from front line call center agents up to the board of directors spanning up to 40 states. This requires the use of many of the Cognos tools to support the diverse user groups.

 Cognos is being used to prevent the use of independent spreadsheets being published across the company.


Product Overview

Go! Office  Allows organization to continue using a known productive toolset.

 Pushes the concept of single source of data in order to stop independent data changes that can occur.

 Our implementation of it enables us to create executive leadership team presentations in their common tool.

 Need to keep the KISS principle.

– – Complicated List Reports Presentation formatting 4

First Time Configuration

• • • • • Open a New Document in

Microsoft Excel 2010.

Notice the new IBM Cognos tab.

Select the Tab to bring up the new IBM Cognos ribbon.

Click on the IBM Cognos Button to turn on the Ribbon The ribbon should no longer be grayed out and a new welcome screen should show up on the right of the spreadsheet.

Click on the Options Button.


First Time Configuration

• • • • • • • • • • Startup application should have IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office selected Datasource should have IBM Cognos BI server selected In

System gateway URI,

enter the address of your Cognos system. http://


/cognos10/cgi bin/cognos.Cgi


Friendly Name,

enter a user friendly name such as “Cognos dev” Click

Test Connection

, and ensure that the connection succeeds Click

add Single signon Forms based authentication Log level

Click OK.


Using Go! Office with Power Point


Logging into Cognos


Importing Report

• You can pick and choose which pieces of the report to import.

• After all selections are made, click Next 9

Importing tips Can not import headers, footers or any text fields (including calculated fields).

Calculated fields shown underlined below, but are ignored text fields as shown on the left.


Importing tips For each object you can specify the name, location and options.

When done with all options, click Finish.


After Importing Chart/List Report

Power Point Version PDF Version 12

After Formatting


Importing List Report With Merged Cells

Power Point Version • Any merged cells will import as not merged.

PDF Version 14

After Formatting


Refreshing Data


List Report After Refresh


Excel Sample

• • • Refresh All Data button – Will not always bring in new formatting. Keeps some changes, but loses others.

Drill through links defined in report turn into underlined text.

Will bring in images set in list reports, but the link is lost there also.



 Definite benefits as far as single source of data and refresh capabilities.

 Not a simple cut and paste tool from Cognos into Office applications.

 By keeping report types and formatting in their basic conditions, this becomes a powerful tool.

 Focus on Cognos presentation might be better served in PDF format.