2nd Annual Poetry Slam - Montgomery Blair High School

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Transcript 2nd Annual Poetry Slam - Montgomery Blair High School



Annual Poetry Slam

Emcee Fran Djoukeng

Fran kept things moving along, even calling State Senator Jamie Raskin to the stage to recite an impromtu poem.

Jessica Diaz-Hurtado Ist place “…She said, ‘If he was two shades lighter, mama, I wouldn’t mind.’ But could she really count the times he told me the color of my eyes?...”

Click here to see Jessica's winning performance

Jacob Weisman 2 nd place “I’m a fire-breathing dragon that expels so much heat that I’m clearly exothermic. And you take it all in and shiver therefore you’re endosquirmic…”

Click here to see Jacob perform his poems

Rex Jarrett 3 rd Place “Forcefully forged from Hell’s hottest flames The most corrupt of The earth’s metals course through My veins…”

Click here to see Rex perform his poem

Carol Peck Poetry Workshop leader

Ben Simon

“I’m confused. Are you just amused, or do you adore it?

You seem like you’re all for it Then when the time comes to hit the gas, you don’t floor it, just ignore it…”

Terence McPherson

“…You see he may be 6’3 and tall as a tree But can barely read and has nothing to eat. Don’t call him dumb, cuz when he’s beating on a drum It’s not just for fun, it makes his heart turn…”

Hobie Richards

“Ever since I can remember my life ain’t been right. Always looking for a fight…”

Sara Cohen

“He has these shoes Fly and white and the essence of cool And every time I see them I feel like I need A pack of Crayola Crayons…”

Ngaheteh Ngombi

“Words that deeper my warrior grave Where have they gone my stroke sound Dash that unlinks my revel blood The marks of thou revoke shell…”

Lisa Whittington

“… They stroked their beards, Procuring pills and bottles, A fluorescent rainbow of quick fixes She insisted I meditate, Silently suffocating In the stuffy stillness of my room…”

Gordon Moore

“…Blue caffeine racing down My red and bleeding throat My veins green with envy At all the life I’m throwing away…”

John Conroy Gabe Barouh

Bridget Egan