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Accessing European Structural
Ingrid Gardiner
EU Manager
[email protected]
European Funding
Funding & Finance
• Major reductions in public spending (20%)
still coming through
• Shift from grants to contracts
• EU funds 2014-2020
• Move towards social investment, eg.
bonds and loans
• Consortia building and partnerships
European Structural and
Investment Funds
Introduction to the European Structural and Investment Funds
• The Structural and Cohesion Funds are the European Union’s
main funding programmes for reducing social and economic
disparities across the EU. In England, these funds comprise
• European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which
supports research, innovation, business development and
infrastructure investment
• European Social Fund (ESF) which supports training,
enhancing access to employment and social inclusion.
• It will also include part of the European Agricultural Fund
for Rural Development (EAFRD), and will be aligned with
the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). This
funding should begin to come on stream in mid-2014.
Local Enterprise Partnerships
Proposed Delivery Arrangements
Local focus
new opportunities
EU thematic objectives
SME competitiveness
Low carbon
Climate change
6. Environmental protection
7. Sustainable transport
8. Employment
9. Social inclusion
10. Skills
Role of Partners and EFN
• Promote new opportunities
• LEP engagement – business case for engagement
• Social inclusion - At least 20% of European Social
Fund allocation must be dedicated to this
thematic objective
• Support tools: Big Lottery and match funding
• Community led local development
• Equality and anti-discrimination
• Community grants
Social Inclusion
• Tackling barriers to work in a holistic and integrated way,
including through supporting early action before problems
become entrenched, outreach activities and access to
locally provided services.
• Complementing and adding value to other services and
funds locally, especially helping those with more complex
barriers closer to employment.
• Supporting early interventions for young people, especially
those with multiple barriers to their participation, for
example care leavers, ex-offenders, lone parents and those
with special needs.
• Targeting specific communities or ethnic minorities with
high levels of poverty and social exclusion
Local focus
new opportunities?
What is CLLD?
Modelled on previous Leader approaches (RDPE)
An optional tool for territorial development
Focussed on sub-regional areas (10-150,000
• Driven by local communities
• Multi-sectoral (public, private and civil society)
• Integrated approach single or multi-fund options
possible e.g. ESF + ERDF; Leader + ESF + ERDF;
EMFF + ESF etc.
Tasks of LAGs
• Local Action Groups (LAGs)
select accountable body
• Build capacity
• Draw up selection criteria
• Call for proposals
• Selection
• Monitoring and evaluation
European Structural & Investment Funds 2014-2020
ESIF Growth Programme
Opt in organisations
e.g. Big Lottery Fund
Skills Funding Agency
UK Trade and
Managing Authorities
Decision making
and advice:
Growth Teams
Strategy: Local
Enterprise Partnerships
Routes into the programme - opt in, CLLD, open call, competitive
grants, LEP defined activity
Other routes:
community grants
People and businesses benefiting from the programme
European Structural & Investment Funds 2014-2020
Shadow Growth Programme Board: PMC
Performance &
Accountability Subcommittee
Local SubCommittees 39
GPB sub-committees
e.g. thematic
evaluation, technical
People and businesses benefiting from the programme
Domestic timetable
Spring 2013 –
Guidance to LEPs on EU Investment Strategies issued;
UK Partnership Agreement out to formal consultation
July 2013 – Final Guidance issued to LEPs
Investment Strategies submitted end of January 2014
Partnership Agreement –early 2014
Operational Programme – early 2014
Launch – late autumn 2014
Useful Resources
European Funding Network
LEP network
Prospectus European Funding
30 minutes
In groups could you outline what opportunities you see for your
organisation in the next programme?
Focus on the following themes in the new programme inclusion led local development grants
4.Big Lottery resourcing the sector with EU programmes
5.opportunities for VCSE in new funds