Two Ways To Cha-La-Kee - Alabama Longhouse: Native Sons

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Transcript Two Ways To Cha-La-Kee - Alabama Longhouse: Native Sons

Two Ways To Cha-La-Kee
• This route takes you the Guntersville causeway
Take 431 S (Governor's over the mountain)
From the top of Monte Sano, go 33.5 mile
cross river
turn right onto Lurleen Wallace Dr.
follow water's edge
go 1.0 mile, turn right at tee
go 0.8 mile, turn right onto causeway by baseball fields
go 2.3 mile, cross lake, turn right at Shell station
now on older two lane
go 4.0 mile, Y to the left
go 0.4 mile to Chalakee
• The second route is through Morgan City . . .
South on 231 out of Huntsville.
Turn left onto Highway 240, just as leaving Morgan City.
Drive 12-13 miles until dead-end into Highway 69. Turn left onto 69.
Go about 3-4 miles on 69 until get near the bridge across the lake. (Now is the time to get your bait.)
Turn left on Cha-La-Kee Drive (Between the Char-Burger and the Shell Station)
Go about 5 miles on this winding road. (There is a small fork near the end... Just stay left)
The entrance to Camp Cha-La-Kee is at the bottom of the hill.
After entering the Camp, The Kiwanis Cabins are on the left. Follow the dirt road up the hill to Hill Cabins.