Common Core Math across the curriculum

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Transcript Common Core Math across the curriculum

April 15, 2013
 Given
a presentation on Common Core Math,
participants will be able to incorporate at
least one mathematical practice idea into a
lesson plan.
 Think
– Pair – Share
How do you currently include mathematical ideas
in your lessons?
What would you like to know about incorporating
mathematical ideas into your lessons?
 Focus
 Coherence
 Fluency
 Deep
 Application
 Dual Intensity
Make sense of problems and persevere in
solving them.
Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
Construct viable arguments and critique the
reasoning of others.
Model with mathematics.
Use appropriate tools strategically.
Attend to precision.
Look for and make use of structure.
Look for and express regularity in repeated
 The
Florist Shop
The florist can order roses in bunches of one
dozen and lilies in bunches of 8. Last month she
ordered the same number of roses as lilies. If
she ordered no more than 100 roses, how many
bunches of each could she have ordered? What is
the smallest number of bunches of each that she
could have ordered? Explain your reasoning.
 Write
a short example of something you
could do in your classroom next to one of the
8 mathematical practices.
 What
ideas did you gain today for supporting
mathematics in your classroom?
 What
can you incorporate in your lesson for
next week?