Bob's Demonstration Bob Leverman demonstrates the

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Transcript Bob's Demonstration Bob Leverman demonstrates the

Bob's Demonstration
Bob Leverman demonstrates the
Parachute Adams
Tying on the wing post material.
Wing post in place. Difficult to see
because of color of antron nylon.
Moose tail tied in with hairs long
enough to reach the wing
post. This creates the underbody.
The pattern calls for moose hair tail and
underbody but Bob showed us optional
materials that could be used.
Tying on Grizzly hackle at base of wing post.
Parachute style flies calls for extra long hackle
fibers to support fly in surface film
Tying in hackle material
Two materials tied on so Bob had to take a
"cookie" break. The group was concerned his
blood sugar levels would drop too low or as some
put it.... he had to be bribed to continue
Hackle being tied UP the post
Starting dubbing the body. SPARSE is the key to
success here.
Tapered body built up from tail to wing post and
then in front. Heavier thorax right at wing post.
The hackle is then wrapped around the wing post
with each successive wrap going UNDER the
previous one. Three to four wraps and tie off with
a whip finish. Trim the wing post.
The finished product. Nice fly Bob!