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Inspiring School Leadership
Workshop for Headteacher and Chair of Governors
Friday 28 November 2014
Striving for excellence
Inspiring School Leadership
1.15 pm
British Values – implications for schools
2.15 pm
Coffee and trip down memory lane
2.45 pm
Heads and Chairs – managing relationships
3.30 pm
Inspiring School Leadership
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)
Trojan Horse concerns
 the effective take-over of
the governing body by likeminded people;
 nepotism in staff
appointments and
appointments to the
governing body;
 rapid advancement of new
or inexperienced governors
to the role of chair;
 bullying and intimidation of
senior teaching staff, and in
particular headteachers;
Concerns about impact on children…
1. Teachers fear pupils are learning to be intolerant of
difference and diversity. Evidence that this is the case
both inside and outside school, e.g. school trips.
2. Young people, instead of enjoying a broadening and
enriching experience in school, are having their horizons
narrowed. Not being equipped to flourish in the
inevitably diverse environments of further education, the
workplace or indeed any environment outside
predominantly Muslim communities.
3. Evidence that pupils are being encouraged to accept
unquestioningly a particular hardline strand of Sunni
Islam raises concerns about their vulnerability to
radicalisation in the future.
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)
Promoting British Values
A Department for Education
spokesperson said:
 The vast majority of schools
already promote British
values. This is about making
sure we have the tools we
need to intervene if
children are being let down.
 Keeping our children safe
and ensuring schools
prepare them for life in
modern Britain could not be
more important. This
change is an important step
towards ensuring we have a
strong legal basis for
intervening in those schools
where this is an issue.
Definition of ‘British values’
The government set out its definition of British values in the
2011 Prevent Strategy - values of:
The rule of law
Individual liberty
Mutual respect
Tolerance of those with different faiths and belief
Pupils develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will
allow them to participate fully in and contribute positively
to life in modern Britain.
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)
Strengthening powers to intervene in schools failing to
promote British values.
 Schools will be expected to focus on, and be able
to show how their work with pupils is effective in,
embedding fundamental British values. Actively
promoting also means challenging pupils, staff or
parents expressing opinions contrary to
fundamental British values.
 Action will also be taken against schools where,
for example, girls are disadvantaged on the
grounds of their gender - or where prejudice
against those of other faiths is encouraged or not
adequately challenged.
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)
School inspection handbook
Published: September 2014 Reference no: 120101
Para 165: Inspectors should consider whether governors:
1. carry out their statutory duties, such as safeguarding, and
understand the boundaries of their role as governors
2. ensure that they and the school promote tolerance of
and respect for people of all faiths (or those of no faith),
cultures and lifestyles; and support and help, through
their words, actions and influence within the school and
more widely in the community, to prepare children and
young people positively for life in modern Britain
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)
Why did Ofsted inspectors choose to spot check highly
regarded St Benedict’s Catholic School?
St Benedict's Catholic School,
Bury St Edmunds.
 This inspection was
conducted at no notice
following non-compliance
with the statutory
requirement to provide
parents with detailed
information about the
school curriculum on the
school website.
Spiritual, moral, social and cultural
(SMSC) development
 A statutory requirement for all schools
 A school may ‘require improvement’ if there are overall
weaknesses in provision for SMSC development.
 Inspection of lessons will look for evidence of SMSC.
 SMSC is evaluated by Ofsted before making the final
judgement on the school’s overall effectiveness.
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)
Spiritual, moral, social and cultural
(SMSC) development
 SMSC is about how children and young people make sense
of the world and other people; how they interact with
other people; and the sort of person they are and are
 SMSC is as much about how children are taught as what
they are taught.
 SMSC is not something that happens in isolation – it is
linked and inter-connected to everything the school does
and what kind of place it is.
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)
When, where and how is SMSC being developed?
How can it be seen?
 The ethos and values of the school
 The curriculum
 Other activities (assemblies, collective worship)
 Opportunities for pupils to take part in artistic, sporting,
dramatic, musical, cultural, scientific and technological
 International events and links
 What pupils, staff and parents say
 The impact on pupils’ learning and personal development
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)
Inspiring School Leadership
Heads and Chairs – managing relationships
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)
Relationship between HT and Chair
A good relationship between head and governors is key to a
happy high-performing school. But what happens when it all
goes wrong?
 A good governing body can make an enormous positive
difference to a school and to its staff. But when that
relationship does go wrong, the upheaval, disruption and
stress are the likely result.
 At best, an uneasy peace can prevail as both sides keep
their differences under wrap for the sake of the school. At
worst, it can lead to open warfare, where no one will
emerge unscathed.
‘Beyond Repair’ – TES Newspaper 28 May 2010, Hannah Frankel
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)
Major Causes of Conflict
Lack of information
Poor information
No information
Information needs to be:
 Clear
 Concise
 Accurate
 Timely
Letting emotions drive
Power struggles
Poor performance
Opposing positions
Competitive tensions
Someone just having a bad
Just about anything and
The Skills of Interpersonal Communication
Tensions between school leaders (headteachers, senior
leader and governors) can be reduced if individuals develop
styles of interpersonal communication appropriate to the
4 key skills:
1. Listening skills
2. Assertion skills
3. Conflict resolution skills
4. Problem solving skills
Governor Accreditation Programme (GAP)