Comments for Anatomy, Physiology and Urodynamics

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Transcript Comments for Anatomy, Physiology and Urodynamics

Comments for Anatomy, Physiology and Urodynamics Hann-Chorng Kuo Department of Urology Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital

Differences in Male and Female Lower Urinary Tract Anatomy

Pelvic Floor Muscles in Women

Similarities in LUTD in Men & Women      Detrusor overactivity (idiopathic, obstructive, neurogenic) Bladder neck dysfunction Spastic urethral sphincter (Dysfunctional voiding) Poor relaxation of pelvic floor muscles Urethral stricture & meatal stenosis

Treatment of Detrusor overactivity refractory to anticholinergics   Botulinum toxin A: reduces detrusor contractility, lessens urgency incontinence, impairs voiding efficiency Intravesical resiniferatoxin: high dose (10 µM) inhibits detrusor overactivity & reduces detrusor contractility; low dose (10 nM) inhibit overactivity without impairs contractility

Interpretation of Urodynamics    BOO is a graded condition, surgery is indicated only when BOO resulting in voiding dysfunction and severe LUTS SUI contains detrusor overactivity occurred on stress and genuine stress incontinence Intrinsic sphincter insufficiency & hypermobility may coexist in GSI, surgical correction should base on pathophysiology

Consideration in Treatment of Voiding Dysfunction   Combination of pathophysiology?

Accurate diagnosis is the basis of treatment    Choice of investigation: as simple as possible? or videourodynamics? Surgery? or medical treatment? or physiotherapy?

Adverse effect vs. therapeutic effect?