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Why Mentor?
Make an impact. Become a mentor.
Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO)
Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) Background
• Serving New Immigrants to Canada for over 33 years
• Over 100 staff members and over 300 volunteers
•Served 11, 000+ new Canadians last year
Career Mentoring Team
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
Omaima Faris
Acting Manager of
Community Economical
Karen Molina
Mentor Recruiter and
Karyn Steer
Mentorship Facilitator
Michelle LaBarre Blouin
Mentorship Facilitator
Micheline Ghaoui
Mentorship Program
Administrative Liaison
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
• The Program began in 2004 and was
initially offered to women only
•The program is now Core funded through
Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC),
settlement funding and offers mentorship
opportunities to over 150 new Canadians
each year
•Mentees are matched with Mentors who
have the same or a similar professional
background. (where possible)
•The pair meets weekly for approximately
one hour. Mentors are asked to commit to a
minimum of three months to the match.
Federal Public Service
Mentorship Program
•The pilot project started in 2011 and
continues through March 2014
•The Project was developed in
collaboration with the foreign
Credentials Recognition Office (FCRO)
of Citizenship & Immigration Canada
•Enables public service employees to
engage as mentors to new Canadians
•Mentors & Mentees meet a minimum
of three times per month, either in
person or via Skype.
Current Program Outcomes
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
200+ active Mentors (86 new mentors last year)
200+ clients served last year
63% of clients exited the program to employment within their field
71% of clients participating in the Public Service Mentoring exited to
employment in their field
Bringing Career Mentoring to your work place
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
• Workplace Champion Model
• We can present OCISO Career Mentorship Program
at your work place
• Orientation in your work space for potential new
• Mentor Training at your office ( 7+ participants)
Why Mentor? Value and Benefits
• Engage in professional development training
• Enhance your cultural competency skills
• Have direct access to the talent pool
• Improve your mentoring/coaching skills
• Expand your professional networks
Our Mentors:
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
• At least 2 years of work experience in Ottawa
• Contacts in employment and professional networks
• Good interpersonal, communication and listening
• Sensitive to employment and cultural transition
•Commitment to a mentoring relationship for at least
three months
Strategic Networking
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
Mentees meet with up to five Mentors in the same
field for informational meetings/interviews
•Builds network
•Develops sector/career specific knowledge
•Enhances communication skills specific to sector
Additional Program Elements
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
• Mentee/Mentor Network and Share events
• Speed Mentoring
• LinkedIn groups
Value and Benefits to Mentees
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
Supports Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) to
achieve their employment goals by facilitating
mentorship matches where they can:
• Obtain strategic support with their employment search
• Learn about the Canadian working culture
• Develop their professional networks
Our Mentees:
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
• Newcomers who have chosen Ottawa as their home
(not a Canadian Citizen)
• Post Secondary Educated Professionals (BA, MBA,
• Job ready with years of experience within their fields
• English Language workplace proficiency
•Has not worked within their field in Canada
Mentee Testimonial
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
Mauricio Mendoza, arrived in Canada last spring from El
Salvador. He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from a
university in his native country. He came to OCISO’s
Mentoring Program in May 2013 and was matched with a
mentor, a mechanical engineer, in June 2013. He has been
working with his mentor to improve his chances of finding
work in his field.
Mentor Testimonial
OCISO Career Mentorship Program
Karima Kara has always been passionate about education, intercultural effectiveness and
humanitarian development, bringing together public and private sectors in Canada and at the
international development level to nurture healthy, vibrant and pluralist civil societies and
Karima has contributed to exciting educational programs in Asia and Africa and across Canada in her
leadership roles as Mentor, Coach and Facilitator.
Over the past 2 years, Karima has had the privilege of mentoring newcomers to Canada with OCISO
where she also provides professional development opportunities for Mentors in communicating
effectively across cultures so that they can build lasting relationships of trust with their Mentees.
Karima holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership from McGill University, a Bachelor of Education
from Queen’s University and she is a certified coach and mediator. She is fluent in English and