Keystone Prep 1

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Keystone Prep: Literature!
With Mrs. Summerville and Mrs.
Keystone Prep Sessions
• Algebra, Biology and English (Literature)
• Any student VC or LI who is taking the
Keystone Exam and would like help with
preparation –all grades are welcome!
March 25th
April 1st
April 8th
April 22nd
April 29th
May 6th
March 26th
April 2nd
April 9th
April 23rd
April 30th
May 7th
March 27th
April 3rd
April 10th
April 24th
May 1st
May 8th
3:00 to 4:00
3:00 to 4:00
3:00 to 4:00
Who takes Keystones?
• All 11th graders regardless of class enrollment
• Any student currently enrolled in English 10,
Algebra, or Biology (any grade level)
• Any 10th grader who has previously taken
Algebra or Biology!
Testing Dates
• The Keystone test dates are:
• May 13th-Literature
May 14th-Algebra
May 15th-Biology
• There will be a morning and afternoon
sessions. Students with last names A-L will test
in the mornings. M-Z will test in the afternoon.
• IS staff will contact students to schedule-if you
have a question about if you are to take a testplease ask your IS.
Open Ended Questions
Today we will focus on how to answer open
ended questions.
What are open ended questions?
 Open ended questions require specific
information. It cannot be answered with a simple
yes/no. You will need to provide specific
feedback from passages and provide your
feelings (most of the time) as well.
Let’s take a look at the formatting of the Keystone tests to
get familiar with it!
• Make sure to follow directions and use the text
well! Look for footnotes and extra information
What is the best way to answer
an open ended question?
Use the ACE method:
A: Answer the question as written
C: Cite from the text using details and quotes to
support your answer.
E: Explain how your citations support your
Open Ended Scoring Guidelines
Let’s Take a Look!
Take a look at some of the
questions you will see on the
Keystone Lit Exam. 
Footnotes are VERY
important! Make sure that you
are using them to help answer
questions and understand the
story/selection. 
As you’re working through the selection,
take notes. What seems important to you?
What is happening in the story? What
questions would YOU ask yourself about the
1. What is the question
2. What do I need to do to
Time for Questions!
Feel free to type a question
or raise your hand.
Thank You For Coming!
Our next session will be next
Wednesday, April 3rd @ 3:00pm!
We hope to see you there!!!