PD 85-03M - Polk County, Florida

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Transcript PD 85-03M - Polk County, Florida

Wetlands Focus Group
Responsibilities and Goals
Growth Managements Act (Chapter 163, FS) of 1985
Included the adoption of the State Comprehensive Plan and the creation of land
development regulations for the local governments
Identifies the need to protect, conserve, and restore the ecological function of wetlands. The
goal is to maintain the environmental, economic, aesthetic, and recreational values of wetlands
Recognizes the importance of local planning and local governments in protecting environmentally
sensitive areas
Requires provisions in the local Comprehensive Plans to identify, analyze, protect and
conserve wetlands
Chapter 9J-5, FAC of 1986
Specifically, policies within 9J-5.013 - Conservation Element state “wetlands and the
natural function of wetlands shall be protected and conserved”
The adequate and appropriate protection and conservation of wetlands shall be
accomplished through a comprehensive planning process which includes consideration of
the type, value, functions, sizes, condition and locations of wetlands, and which is based on
supporting data and analysis
Future land uses which are incompatible with the protection and conservation of
wetlands and wetland functions shall be directed away from wetlands
Polk County Wetland Systems
Comprehensive Plan
Land Development Code
Purpose and Intent - To minimize the disturbance of wetlands in
the County and to discourage their use except for purposes
compatible with their natural functions and environmental benefits
while providing for their protection, maintenance, enhancement, and
Development Standards  1. Wetland impacts shall be avoided to the maximum extent possible
 2. Wetland impacts, where unavoidable, may be mitigated in
accordance with the County’s Comprehensive plan
Density Transfers - Residential densities may be transferred from
wetland areas to contiguous non-wetland areas within the same
Development Review Process
 Utilize the US Fish and Wildlife’s National Wetlands Inventory as a
basis for wetland review.
 Review site specific wetland delineations and, if necessary, contact
the appropriate regulatory body to clarify any discrepancies
 Ensure that all undisturbed wetlands contain a vegetative buffer to
provide for the protection of the system
 Provide alternatives (i.e. Density Transfers) to potential impacts
 Work to ensure that any necessary Mitigation:
 Complies with the County and State Comprehensive plans
 Increases the County’s overall wetland quality and function
 Allows for the “Highest and Best” use of the property
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