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Environmental Law
Nick Johnson
Understanding Business and Personal Law
What to think about?
EQ: What environmental problems do we
face in our society today?
 EQ: What is my responsibility in
protecting the environment?
 EQ: What are the consequences of
businesses not following federal statues
that relate to the environment?
Things we can control:
Energy Consumption
◦ *Energy Star* Appliances
◦ CFL Lightbulbs
 Proper Trash Dumping
Environmental Protection Agency
Enforces antipollution acts (i.e., The Clean
Air and Clean Water Acts)
 Regulates: various hazardous chemicals
◦ Creation
◦ Marketing
◦ Use
Cleanups of toxic dumpsites around the
 Businesses have a Social Responsibility
◦ Business Plan portion from Business Essentials
Non-renewable vs. Renewable
◦ Examples?
Scarce natural resources- Conservation
 Pollution – created by us (what super
 Production- lakes, rivers, air (factories,
automobiles, etc)
◦ Socially Responsible companies improve or
Government Regulations
Set measurably (achievable)
 EPA regulates and monitors
◦ Founded in 1970
NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act)
◦ Counsel on Environmental Quality
 Advises President on how to better economic
 Environmental Impact Statement
 Submitted to state when something is "significantly affecting
the quality of the human environment".
More Gov’t Regulations
Noise Control Act of 1972
 Motor Vehicles and Aircraft
 Heating/Ventilation (HVAC)
 Major Appliances
Clean Air Act
 Pollutants
 Smog
Clean Water Amendment
The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976
◦ Identifies hazardous wastes
◦ Require permit for hazardous waste treatment and storage facilities
◦ Trust Fund for clean ups
◦ When “responsible” party cannot be found
◦ Also known as “Superfund”