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Susan Schauer John
Susan is the media
marketing creator of
Spider Web Connections.
Her focus is to simplify social
involvement businesses and
1. LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool/
2. LinkedIn delivers a ready-made professional audience
to tap into.
3. LinkedIn has over 175 million users - 50% of whom are
business owners, managers and senior management.
Facts and Figures:
• 2 new members every second
• USA membership more than 57 million
(Europe 34 million)
• In 2011 there were 4.2 billion professionally-oriented
searches on Linkedin
• Linkedin has over 2,116 employees
(in 2010 it was only 500)
• Revenues for 2011 reached $522 million
• Linkedin is the 36th most visited website in the world.
• Avg user has household income above $109,000
• It is 4 x better for B2B leads than Facebook or Twitter
First you will need a personal profile page.
Develop a strong personal profile page.
1. Use a good photo.
2. Complete the profile.
A completed profile gets us to seven
times more views than a skimpy one.
The site will prompt you periodically
to fill in more information. It does
not all need to be done in one sitting.
Click the button: “Improve your profile”
Follow the prompts
Collect recommendations.
Don’t be afraid to ask. And don’t forget to give.
Both your personal and company pages have places for people to make
recommendations about doing business with you and share their experiences.
Encourage your customers to tout your company in this way.
Join and Participate in LinkedIn Groups
After completing your personal and company profile pages, start looking for LinkedIn
Groups where prospective clients might be. Join them.
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Optimizing LinkedIn for
Lead Generation & Promotion
Update Your Status Once a Week
Personal and Company pages have update functions. (Similar
to status updates on Facebook.) Us them to post brief
company-news updates, musings about your field,
recommendations, etc.
Each time you post an update, you appear on the home page of
all of your LinkedIn contacts!
Therefore – keep these updates relevant to your business and
your company’s focus. Keep it professional and informative.
Work Your Contacts.
As you build your personal profile network and attract
new followers to your company page, I strongly suggest
using LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search to find
prospective customers.
Here you can find prospective customers and others who
would be valuable to add to your network.
Invite them to become contacts.
• Finally - Correspond
Remember what
LinkedIn is about:
David Gowel, is one of the leading experts on LinkedIn and it’s place in social media
today. He has written: The Power in a Link: Open Doors, Close Deals, and Change the
Way You Do Business Using LinkedIn. A terrific book about the new form of marketing
for business.
Jay Baer and Amber Naslund have written a terrific book called: The Now Revolution.
It captures completely the new face of marketing for businesses.
Gwen Moran is the author of the article: 6 Ways Small Business Owners Should Use
LinkedIn. Available on:
There are a number of great social media newsletters available for free that I read
regularly and highly recommend. Each has contributed to my education and writings.
They include:
You can also create a stand-alone company page: