Geometry Chapter 7 Similarity Notes

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Transcript Geometry Chapter 7 Similarity Notes

Geometry Chapter 7

    A ratio is a comparison of two quantities Ratios can be written: a to b, a:b or a/b the fractional form is the most common and easiest to use mathematically

  Two figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size are similar.

◦ ◦ Two polygons are similar if BOTH: Corresponding angles are congruent AND Corresponding sides are proportional ◦ The ratio of the lengths of corresponding sides is the similarity ratio.

Are the polygons similar? Explain. If they are similar, what is the similarity ratio?

    On a blank sheet of paper, draw a line segment.

Glue the two angles you are given to the end points of the segment and finish the triangle by extending the remaining sides.

Measure the sides of your triangle to the nearest millimeter.

Compare your triangles to your table partners and determine if they are similar.

  Are your triangles similar?

Complete this conjecture:  If two angle of one triangle are congruent to two angles of another triangle, then the triangles are ____________________

 Explain why the triangles must be similar.

Homework: page 385 (1-19) all

 Homework: page 394 (9-21) all  Chapter 7 test next week Tuesday/Wednesday

 warm up