Powerpoint Procedure for HYSYS 7.2

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Transcript Powerpoint Procedure for HYSYS 7.2

Set conditions on in/out streams: T, P, flow in (use some basis like 1 kgmole/hr),
composition in. Set T and P out. Hysys will compute the compositions for V-Out.
Also add “Master Comp Mole Frac”, then choose both components: ibutane/add; then n-butane/add. Close the window.
We would also like to add the equilibrium constant which is reported in the reactor
properties, but it turns out that this variable is not accessible directly from the DataBook
variables list. So, here’s what we have to do: 1) create a spreadsheet on the PFD, 2) open
the spreadsheet and the reactor properties at the same time, 3) drag the equilibrium
constant into the spreadsheet, and 4) return to the DataBook and add the variable we
added to the spreadsheet. The next slides shows how to do this.
Open the reactor properties and navigate to the Reactions/Results page. You
want to add the value of the equilibrium constant (1.0711 in this case) to the
Get the spreadsheet and reactor properties pages both
visible at the same time. Right click on the equilibrium
constant value and hold the right button down. Now
drag over to the spreadsheet and drop it in a convenient
spot such as cell A1. This is a valuable method in HYSYS
to organize and access variables in spreadsheets.
Should look like this. Now, close both windows and go back and open the DataBook.
The spreadsheet now appears in the list of objects, so highlight that
and choose the cell you want: A1
You should now have something like this. Next, choose the “Case Studies” tab
The transposed table is especially useful. Click/Drag to highlight/Copy
just like Excel, then you can paste to Excel. Remember that the column
labeled “A1” is the cell A1 in the spreadsheet and is the equilibrium