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CPI's New Printed Electronics Line-bringing interactivity to print Neil Porter October 31 st 2012

Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

• UK-based technology innovation centre • CPI’s Printable Electronics Centre focuses on design, development and prototyping for the emerging printable electronics industry

BPIF Labels Technical Seminar


To demonstrate that any label converter using commercially available equipment can be part of the Integrated Smart Systems supply chain through printing of conductive inks in a standard pressroom

Technology Areas

OTFTs for Flexible Arrays © Visionox © Sony CPI Printable Electronics Process Equipment & Materials Technologies © Aveso ) Solid State Lighting (SSL) Thorn Moisture / Gas Barrier Films Integrated Smart Systems (ISS) and Sensors © Molecular Vision Solar Cells

Integrated Smart Systems (ISS)

• Integrated Smart Systems are functional items produced by the integration of electronic components with circuits prepared by traditional printing processes


Printed Electronic Devices

ISS technology

Market Areas

• Food/drink, tobacco, cosmetics, music, software & FMCG packaging • Pharmaceutical/healthcare applications • Publishing • Advertising • POS/POP • Lightweight, robust inexpensive wiring looms • Automotive, Aviation, architectural & military • Within consumer products & industrial goods • Brand protection & anti-counterfeit

ISS Equipment Criteria

• Print industry recognised equipment and processes • Non clean room location • Versatile enough to support wide range of applications • Cost effective to run for development work but also capable of small scale production runs • Sufficiently instrumented to provide process feedback • Ability to offer an upgrade path to support the ISS technology roadmap

Layout of ISS Line

Print Circuits

Combination Press based on… • • • • 16 “ modular reel to reel / sheet platform + auxiliaries Can handle paper, carton board, films, foils & label stocks with thicknesses of between 25-370 microns Litho UV / Conventional Screen UV and WB Flexo UV / Solvent / WB Gravure Solvent

Press prints offset litho, flexo, screen & gravure

-all interchangeable Re-register from unit 1 - offering versatility to reproduce significantly larger presses with multiple print stations

Ancillary On-Press Processes

De-Lam Re-lam UV Lamination Cold Foil Die cutting & sheeting

ISS line Print graphics (Nilpeter) Print conductive circuits / devices. Inks available for Flexo, Screen, Gravure, Litho Add components and integrate into packaging to create interactive products / smart packaging. (Offline / online equipment)

Print conductive tracks

• • • • • •

Example below Flexo silver 0.4 mm wide track printed using 15 CM3/M2 anilox Plate Kodak NX Evaluating Inks / Materials Drying / Curing Production speeds Sintering Measuring resistance

Plate Recently printed trial for large volume application

Cross section of Silver 5µm Substrate PET

Analysis Equipment at CPI

• Material/ ink properties – Rheometer – Contact angle measurement • Structural properties – Optical microscopes – Scanning Electron Microscope with Elemental analysis – Atomic Force Microscope – White light interferometer

Screen Printer

• DEK Screen Printer – for conductive ink & structural adhesives – print accuracy down to 10 microns

Pick and Place-component attachment

• Placement and attachment of components onto conductive adhesive or tape or print • Able to position components of a range of sizes • Pick and place equipment with low to medium volume focus and high flexibility of component types • Placement accuracy of 35 microns

Adhesive Curing

• Cure to form electrical & structural connection between components and printed circuit/substrate • Oven - air drying adhesive systems • UV Curing - Radiation cure adhesive systems

Cut & Crease / Converting

• To convert smaller quantities of print into finished products and samples • Esko digital cutting table – Cut & crease boxes – Kiss cut labels • Trotec CO 2 Laser – Fine cutting – Engraving – Ablation of circuits


• CPI’s new ISS line opened in April 2012 • Equipped with commercial print, packaging and electronics equipment • Available for development, prototyping, scale up and pilot production projects

Thank you Bela Green ISS Programme Manager [email protected]

01740 625721 Neil Porter ISS Technical Print Manager [email protected]

01740 625811 Jon Helliwell Business Development Manager [email protected]

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