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AP World History
Basic Core: Comparative Essay
Expanded Core: Comparative Essay
Essay Game Plan:
1. Analyze the question
2. Be sure to know if the question is asking you to
do something in addition to comparing
3. Make a quick list of ideas that relate to the
topic and how you will write about it.
4. Create a table to list those differences and
5. Evaluate your notes/develop a thesis.
6. Organize your info in a logical way.
7. Write your essay.
Tips for Essays
Do not use I’ll try, I think, I’ll do my best,
etc…This makes you sound unsure of yourself
 Keep your opinion to yourself
 Use of They’re/Their/There
 They’re
is “they are”
 Their belongs to them
 There is a place over there
No contractions
More Tips:
Do not begin sentences with there, it is WAY too
 Restate
thesis at end of document, use different
 For your thesis, DO NOT just restate the question
 Begin with “While, Although, In spite of/Despite”
No Fluff, you don’t have time
No first person (we, you, I, etc…)
Use nice transitions between paragraphs
Essay Practice:
Question Topic
Thesis Statement
Ways to Compare
Practice Question: Unit 1
Analyze similarities and differences in methods of
political control in TWO of the following empires in
the classical period. (2010)
 Han
China (206 BCE-220 CE)
 Mauryan/Gupta India (320 BCE – 550 CE)
 Imperial Rome (31 BCE-476 CE)
Practice Question: Unit 2
Compare and contrast the political and economic
effects of Mongol rule on TWO of the following
regions: (2005)
 China
 Middle
 Russia
Practice Question: Unit 3
From the Period of 1500 to 1830, compare North
American racial ideologies and their effects on
society with Latin American/Caribbean racial
ideologies and their effects on society. (2009)
Practice Question: Unit 4
Compare and contrast the role of women in TWO
of the following regions during the period of 17501914: (2003)
 East
 Latin America
 Sub-Saharan Africa
 Western Europe
Practice Question: Unit 5
Compare and contrast how the First World War
and its outcomes affected TWO of the following
regions in the period from the world war through
the 1930s: (2004)
 East
 Middle East
 South Asia (Indian Sub-Continent)