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Monday February 24, 2014
I have two boxes. Box #1 has a much greater mass
than box #2. Describe the amount of force that
would need to be applied to both to make them
move (Think about Newton’s second law of motion).
Tuesday February 25, 2014
Billy is sitting in a chair in class. If the action force is
the downward push of his weight on the chair, what
is the reaction force?
Thursday February 27, 2014
Amyx is building a treehouse in his backyard. He
notices that every time he strikes a nail with the
hammer, the hammer bounces back just a little bit as
the nail goes farther into the wood. This is because
when the hammer strikes and exerts a force on the
nail… What does the nail do?
Friday February 28, 2014
Take a moment to reflect. With the comic strips due
today, what did you find to be the most difficult
part of creating a comic strip? What was the
easiest part?