Transportation in GA

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GA deep water ports
are some of the
busiest in the world.
› Port of Savannah
› Port of Brunswick
These are the United
States delivery point
for cargo
transported on giant
freight ships.
The Port of Savannah offers more all-water China-U.S. express
services than any other U.S. East Coast port.
Savannah provides access to more high-volume retail
distribution centers than any other port in the U.S. Southeast.
The Port of Savannah provides direct, convenient access to the
largest U.S. consumer markets.
Savannah ranks among the top U.S. ports in terminal efficiency.
Trade between Savannah and China has grown 139% over the
last five years.
Train was the most
important mode of
transportation in
Georgia for nearly 100
 Trains are the main
mode of transporting
 Trains connect the
deepwater ports to
the rest of the nation.
Atlanta is the only
place where three
major interstates
converge at one
› I-75
› I-85
› I-20
International Airport is
the world.
 Named for
› William Hartsfield (Mayor
of Atlanta)
› Maynard
Jackson(Mayor of
It is a major area of exit
for people leaving the
United States from the
 It is the only LARGE
airport in the Southeast.
 It is Atlanta’s largest
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
International Airport is
considered to be the
world's busiest airport,
handling over 80 million
travelers and 700,000t of
cargo each year.
A quote about the significance of Atlanta in the business world.
 Atlanta is considered to be a top business city and is a primary
transportation hub of the Southeastern United States - via
highway, railroad, and air.[3][4] Atlanta contains the world
headquarters of such large corporations as The Coca-Cola
Company, Georgia-Pacific, AT&T Mobility, the Cable News
Network, Delta Air Lines, and Turner Broadcasting. Atlanta has
the country's fourth-largest concentration of Fortune 500
companies (although UPS, Home Depot, and Newell
Rubbermaid are not within its city limits) and more than 75
percent of Fortune 1000 companies have business operations in
the metropolitan area, helping Atlanta realize a gross
metropolitan product of $270 billion, accounting for more than
2/3 of the Georgian economy. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta
International Airport has been the world's busiest airport since
1998 (measured by number of passengers).
Atlanta’s economy is based around our ability to
transport goods.