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Marketing Results Through Technology
Hotel Distribution Options Prior to the Internet
Travel Agents
Hotel & Travel Index
Global Distribution System (GDS)
Print Advertising
Television & Radio
o Airline Reservation Systems
o Telecom (800 numbers, phone & fax)
o Direct Sales
o Wholesale
o Corporate Contracts
Hotel Distribution Options Since the Internet
o Hotel & Travel Index
(print & online)
o GDS with Internet
distribution channels
o Third Party Discounters
• Hotels.com
• Travelocity
• Rogue Web Sites
o CD/DVD with Web Site Links
o PMS System with Web site
integration and real time booking
o Pay-per-click Web Advertising
o Search Engine/Directory Listings
o Banner Ads
o Property Web Site
o E-mail marketing
o Print tracking through
Property Web site
o Web Portals
o Regional Web Guides
o Wifi Channels
Impact Of The Internet On Hotels
o The Internet modifies all distribution
channels requiring a new marketing
and management model.
o Attempts to integrate Internet distribution
channels into their current management and
marketing models often create confusion and mixed results.
o The new model requires placing the Internet at the center of a
distribution and marketing strategy. The Internet is the ultimate “Direct
Distribution Medium”.
o Internet communication has become the hub for all distribution methods.
Impact Of The Internet On Hotels (Cont.)
o Hoteliers can lose control of their revenue management
by not shifting focus to the Internet.
o Internet services are complex and fragmented
offering few if any overall solutions.
o Coordination of these diverse and often contradictory products and
services falls on the shoulders of hoteliers.
o Poor understanding and coordination results in rate dilution and control
falling into the hands of online discounters.
o By changing focus and gaining control over the Web, hoteliers can regain
control of revenue management and have a significant edge over their
competition who remain mired in the confusion the Web has created.
Internet Services Are Fragmented
o Internet service options are fragmented.
o Properties often use multiple providers with overlapping
or contradictory services.
o Our focus as a company is to help a property
integrate and effectively make use of these
fragmented services.
o This approach allows us to provide our own products and services
when appropriate and to use other vendors where appropriate
without undermining our business.
o The need for consulting and integration will continue regardless
of the directions the Internet takes.
Internet Services Are Fragmented
o Overall coordination of Internet Services are lacking.
o Overall coordination of Internet efforts with property
and revenue management is lacking.
o Coordination and effective use of Internet marketing with other
marketing channels is lacking.
o Internet companies may offer a consolidated approach to the
marketing of a property Web site, but they rarely touch on overall
revenue management or the management of third party
distribution channels.
o Internet services and distribution options are constantly changing
and success depends on the property’s ability to act quickly when
these changes occur.
Our Solution: Control The Internet
o Begin from the top and let us help you control
the Internet and not let it control your business
and revenues
• Perform overall evaluation of properties
distribution channels and use of the Internet
• Develop overall plan and strategy for property
• Recommend & provide Internet solutions based upon
overall strategy and plan
• Provide ongoing oversight and management of property’s
revenue management with primary focus on Internet
• Coordinate integration of new products and services
C.I. Interactive Services
o Consulting and Management
o Internet Services
o Products
C.I. Services: Consulting and Management
o Revenue and distribution
channel evaluation
o Revenue and distribution
channel management
o Property management and consulting
services through Master Link Club and Hospitality Management
C.I. Services: Internet Services
o Evaluation of Current Use of Online Resources.
o Search Engine Optimization and Positioning
o Pay-Per-Click Marketing
o E-mail Marketing Services
o Travel Agent Marketing
o Online Media Buying
o Linkage Research and Interactive Advertising Management
o Web Database Mining, Profiling and Marketing
o Online & Offline Ad Tracking
o Services and Event Marketing
o Copy Writing Services
o Photographic Services including Virtual Tours
o Competitive Intelligence
o Newsletter Service
o Web Site Management
o Proactive Web Site Traffic Analysis
C.I. Services: Products
o Web Site Design and Hosting
o Interactive Web Site Tools
o Reservation Software (individual and multi-property versions)
o Email Marketing Software (individual and multi-property versions)
o Meeting and Event Planning Software
o Wedding Planning Software
o Menu Software
o Newsletter Software
o Lead Tracking Software
o Integrated reporting (including reservations, arrivals,
cancellations, web tracking)
o Custom solutions