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Transcript MI-SORHI Update - Michigan Center for Rural Health

Michigan’s State Rural Health Plan
Conference call
Advisory Group & Issue Workgroups
October 24, 2008
April 2008
John and Lonnie presented the Plan to 125
people at the Annual Rural Health Conference.
Panel of elected state officials reacted to the
Plan (Caswell, Ball, Espinoza, Huizenga,
The Plan was mailed to all 35 rural state
The Plan was presented and distributed to the
Small or Rural Hospital Council of the MHA.
Staff interviewed by WOOD 1300 radio (GR).
May 2008
MCRH staff visited with 25 rural state
senators and representatives; each
received the Plan and a presentation of
MCRH staff also proposed a Healthy
Lifestyles Community Matching grant
program ($150,000).
Staff interviewed by the Cadillac
June 2008
MCRH and MDCH staff re-visited the six
original communities and distributed the
Plan to 120 people (Manistique, Sault Ste
Marie, Cheboygan, Fremont, Sandusky,
Staff interviewed by Traverse City TV
Channel 7 & 4
July 2008
Senator Kahn and Representatives
Caswell and McDowell create the Healthy
Lifestyles Community Matching Grant
Program and appropriate $60,000 to it.
In order to receive funding the community
must form partnerships to address any of
the twelve Healthy Lifestyle objectives.
July 2008 (continued)
The twelve participating communities:
Ontonagon, Cheboygan, Eaton Rapids,
Fremont, Alma, Newberry, Hillsdale, St
Ignace, Sandusky, Manistique, Pigeon,
and Sault Ste Marie.
Addressing Objectives A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2,
B-3, and B-4 in Healthy Lifestyles (see
Project begins September 1, 2008.
August 2008
Rose Young from the Midwest Alliance for Telehealth and
Technology Resources (MATTeR) begins publishing
monthly articles in the CAH Chronicle and Rural Health
Quarterly regarding telehealth (addressing Objective C-4
and C-5 in Access and Availability to Health Care).
The MSU-COM OsteoChamps Program director,
Margaret Aguwua, begins publishing a series of article in
the CAH Chronicle and Rural Health Quarterly about the
OsteoChamps Program (addressing Objective C-3 in
Recruitment and Retention of Health Care Providers).
September 2008
The MCRH, the Michigan Pharmacists
Association and the Michigan Registered
Dental Hygienists Association agreed to
partner to provide educational contact
hours for both associations members
(addressing Objective B-1 in Recruitment
and Retention of Health Care Providers).
October 2008
The Blue Cross/Blue Shield Social Mission
Department agrees to extend the Healthy
Lifestyles Matching Community Grant program
to an additional 12 rural communities.
Each community will receive a $5,000 grant that
will be matched (in-kind or direct) to address any
of the 3 goals and 12 objectives in the Healthy
Lifestyles section of the MI-SORHI document.
October 2008 (continued)
The selected communities are: Ironwood,
Larium, L'Anse, Munising, Carson City,
Sheridan, Cass City, Caro, Marlette,
Deckerville, Allegan and Dowagiac.
The project kicks-off in November at the
Annual CAH Conference in Boyne.
Next Steps
Through the Flex Program grant two additional
communities will receive Healthy Lifestyles
On November 12 & 13 MCRH staff will meet with
Senator Kahn and Rep’s Caswell and McDowell.
In January 2009, the Michigan Health Council
will receive a $9,500 grant for Practice in Rural
Michigan campaign (R/R Objective A-6).
Next Steps - continued
The Plan will drive the April 2009 Annual Rural
Health Conference agenda.
– Behavioral health in the RHC setting
– School-based centers/clinics
The Plan continues to be revised with baseline
data (version 4 on MCRH website).
MCRH staff will visit all newly elected rural state
representatives in January & February.
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