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Resonant Acoustic
Nondestructive Testing
Resonant Nondestructive Testing
The Resonant Acoustic Method is a form of Resonant
Inspection (RI).
NDT can detect imperfections such as variances in overall
shape, weight, cracks, and density of parts. It can also detect if
any process has as been missed, such as a machine or heat
treating process.
Every part has its unique vibration signature (its resonant
frequency). This resonance will be almost exactly the same
from good part to part. However it will change when there
is an internal or external change or imperfection.
Pipe organs, bells, carillons and xylophones are examples
of how controlled incremental changes in a part create
incremental changes in “resonance” or tone.
When a bell cracks however, it doesn’t have a clear
ring, it is flat or dull sounding. It looses the ability to
hold it’s tone.
The same is true of a part that has a flaw.
Resonant Acoustic Method
The acoustic response is measured by the
microphone and digitized by the Smart
Digital Controller
The Smart Digital Controller
performs an FFT on the data,
taking it from the time domain
to the frequency domain
Part is excited by applying a known
and repeatable force. This
is accomplished by either an electric
or manual hammer.
NDT-RAM compares the results
with the acceptable criteria limits
to determine if the part is
accepted or rejected
The result is a response frequency spectrum that is unique to your
part. Using this spectrum, we can look for significant structural
changes in your parts.
The principal properties of an object are
• Mass
• Stiffness
• Damping
Resonant Signature
Resonant Signature
X Axis is from 0 - 40,000 Hz
Peak moves lower in both
frequency and amplitude.
Peak shifts left
(lower in frequency)
Defect causes
a frequency split.
Peak is eliminated
Flat Panel
Photo Eyes – NEMA 4
Eject Cylinder – pneumatic
pushes good parts, allows
defective parts to fall into a
Encoder 100PPR
Industrial Rack Mount PC
w/ NEMA rating
PLC – stocked and easily
available overnight
Wheels and
Lockable Casters –
Provide flexibility
and mobility
With the NDT-RAM system, you can be online in one day.
After an acceptable range of resonant signatures from a set of
good parts is established, each new part is tested by comparing
its signature to the acceptable ranges and limits.
Click on picture to
run a demo movie
of the NDT-RAM
automated system
Introducing NDT-RAM Systems
The Manual Resonant
System is. It is
completely portable
and can be used to
a wide range of parts.
Ideal for spot testing
Or troubleshooting
The Semi-automated System
existing production line. It
can directly interface with
any programmable logic
The Automated Resonant System
production line. Parts are fully
tested in seconds, providing
unparalleled performance, inspect
accuracy, and speed.
Engineering – Development
Quality Control – Spot Testing
Field Service – Troubleshooting
Production – 100% Testing
No Part Preparation - No cleaning, dyes, magnetizing, or other preparation required.
Fast - Parts are fully inspected as fast as one part per second.
Accurate - Computerized pass/fail acceptance ranges ensure inspection accuracy.
Versatile - System can be used to test many different configurations of parts. Select the
desired part template and you’re ready to go.
Easy to Use - Simple interface make the NDT-RAM system easy to learn and operate.
Flexible – Can be integrated into existing production lines.
Rugged - Designed to withstand a wide range of plant environments.
Security - Provides three different user levels – Manager, Technician, and Inspector.
Report Generation - A summary report is easily generated, including statistical analysis.
Value Added - The confidence that every part is tested and approved parts are defect free,
allowing you to focus your attention and efforts on your core business.
Service – Our training and experienced service staff is committed to serving our customers’
Resonant Inspection NDT systems
are installed and providing solutions at:
GKN Sinter Metals
Capstan Atlantic
Federal Mogul
Sintering Technologies
Product Assurance Services
Intermet Foundry
Wapukia Foundry
Keystone Powdered Metals
Burgess Norton Mfg
Diamet Corporation
WesCast (Georgia Ductile)
BorgWarner Automotive
Harvard Industries
ASCO Sintering Company
Alpha Sintered Metals
Ohio Cast, Inc
Cloyes Gear
Nichols Portland
Metco Sintered Components
Manufacturers that can benefit from RI-NDT
•Powdered Metal
•Aluminum Foundry
•Iron Casting
•Ductile & Malleable Iron
•Forged Metal
•Metal Bonding
Examples of Successful Resonant Inspection Applications
ABS Rings
Airbag Vessel
Abrasive Wheels
Bearing Caps
Bearing Rings
Bearing Rollers
Brake Calibers
Cam Drives
Cam Shafts
Case Bases
Clutch Plates
Con Rods
Drill Housings
Drive Sprockets
Engine Mounts
Medical Implants
Park Disks
Piston Pats
Rocker Arms
Silicon Wafers
Spark Plugs
Splined Connectors
Steering Wheels
Suspension Rods
Timing Rings
Transmission Rings
Turbine Blades
Turbine Disks
Value Seats
Wheels Hugs
Who needs Resonant Inspection?
Manufacturers or Users of Powder Metal Parts
Have substantial inspection cost
Have customers demanding higher quality
Have substantial scrap costs due to false rejects
Produce or use safety-critical parts
Require 100% inspection on their parts
Desire to improve quality of their parts
TMS NDT-RAM can detect:
Cracks, chips, and holes
Residual stress
Out-of-tolerance dimensions
Variations in hardness or density
Bonding, welding, or brazing failures
Machining or heat-treating processes
Service Contract Benefits
• Standard Program
– Return to factory
– Software upgrades at list
– Standard training rates at
$1,200 per day
– Calibration cost at $800
– LanSharc replacement at
– Industrial computer
replacement at $7,500
• Service Contract
– 24 hour turnaround on
replacement parts
– TMS maintains a separate
inventory for service
contract components
– Application software
updates at no charge
– 50% discount on additional
training and consulting rates
– One free calibration after 12
Resonant Inspection NDT with TMS
Thank You