My Personality Poster Project

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Transcript My Personality Poster Project

My Personality Poster Project
 This poster celebrates your personality and what
makes you a unique.
 Create a large title with your first and last name.
 Put a recent picture of you in the middle (you or a
friend may draw the picture, or copy and paste from
online, or paste it to your hard copy).
 Next to your picture, create a text box and include:
 Where: City you live in
 What: The profession you aspire to be when you
grow up
My Personality Poster Project
 Name ten personality traits.
 Please copy and paste a symbol/image of ten things that
represent the personality trait.
 Next to the symbol/image write a description of each trait and
how it influences/adds to your personality overall. Use vivid
words to describe each trait and explain how the symbol
represents the trait. Each description must be at least twenty
words long.
 Have fun and make a visually attractive, fabulous poster that
celebrates you!
This kitty works as hard as I do.
Never give up, never say never.
It always pays off and is worth
it in the end!
Laid back
These classic sandals represent my
attitude in life. They are extremely
comfortable and perfect for chilling
on the beach. Most of the time I am
Their retro electro-funk
music represents the funky
retro side of me. I tend to
be more about relishing the
past than pining about the
Where: Culver City, CA
What: High school English teacher
The New Super Mario
Bros. game is my favorite. My
personality is fun and silly just
like the game. It doesn’t hurt
that I’m having my own Mario
and Luigi.
Not only am I loving with my
husband, I am loving with my life
and everyone in it. My marriage
to my husband demonstrates my
commitment to love in general.