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Proactive Technical Report Notices
Research Administration Round Table
August 24, 2005
Dan Dwyer
Proactive Technical Report Notices
Why we do it
How we do it
Sponsored Program Services responsibility
PI responsibility
Department responsibility
A measure of success
Why we do it
• Technical report collection has been time
consuming, a low priority and an irritation for
all parties
• Federal agencies are becoming more serious
about past due reports including threats to
halt future funding for entire institution
• Frequent A-133 audit finding at other
How we do it
• Send monthly e-mail to PI for technical
reports due in next 45 days or past due
• Send summary e-mail to department contacts
• PI or department contact enters sent date in
Sponsored Portal
• E-mail generated to GCO that project may be
Example e-mail
Dear (PI name here),
This is an automated message from Sponsored Programs Services.
Our system indicates that one of your final technical reports (deliverables) is approaching its due date or is
overdue. If the report has been sent, please use the link below to enter the date. If you expect the project to
be renewed, the final technical report requirement will likely be postponed. These reminders will be
generated on a regular basis to assist you in managing your reporting requirements.
Due: 12/31/2004 Project: 33000
GCO: Jeffery Corbin [email protected] Retention period: 3
Sponsor: Animal/Plant Hlth Inspec Serv USDA
The terms of your award indicated that all relevant information, including final technical reports, must
be kept the number of years specified above. As principal investigator you are responsible for retention of
all technical deliverables.
The contact within your department who assists with management of sponsored awards has been
notified about this deliverable. If you have any questions, or if you expect a project to be extended, please
contact the Grant and Contract Officer listed with the project above.
Sponsored Programs Services
Status matters
ASAP – monthly notice sent
APA – monthly notice not sent
ACOSP – monthly notice sent
AC – monthly notice not sent
Due date prior to 7/1/2001 – monthly notice
not sent
ASAP – Award Signed by All Parties, APA – Award Pending Amendment, ACOSP – Award
Closed by OSP, AC – Award Closed
Sponsored Program Services
• Submit non-technical deliverables including
fiscal, equipment and patent reports
• Close out project files when non-technical
deliverables are completed
• Remind PI electronically of soon due and
past due technical reports
PI responsibility
• Submit technical report to sponsor on time
• Notify SPS of sent date via Portal or
communication with GCO
• Maintain all relevant information, including
final technical reports for the number of years
specified in the retention period
Department responsibility
• Educate faculty on the process and
• At departments discretion, assist PIs with
submission, notification and retention of
technical reports (BRIO report available to
A measure of success
Another measure of success
Avg Days Avg Days Number Sent on
to Send
to Enter
Entered Time