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….by Dave Courvoisier


….do you need social media?

….actually, you don’t!

• • • •

Non-digital methods that work great for VO’s: Cold calling Snail-mailings (postcards, letters, gifts) Old-fashioned follow-ups & thank yous (phone and mail) Personal networking (conferences, meet-ups, etc.)

This is why….

you need to


social media

IT’S FREE…!!!! (well, mostly…we’ll get into that later) You wouldn’t be here if you thought digital marketing had no merit

(and besides you don’t want to be left behind ….or you’re at least curious)

This is why….

you need to


social media


Branding Client prospecting Relationship building Networking Public Relations Reach

(...and because you WILL get left behind)


Social Networks:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Quora

Video Networks:

YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, iTunes, SocialCam, Vine

Video Conferencing:

Google Hangouts, Skype, GoToWebinars, WebEx

Mobile Networking:

FourSquare, Instagram, Texting, FaceBook Messenger,

Digital Newsletters Email, and video email Blogging Vlogging Customer Relationshp Management (CRM) Database Management (Excel, csv, and list management)


You’re not gonna want to hear this ….BUT!

Have you checked your business plan?

• •

What are your branding goals?

What are your marketing goals?

How will Social Media integrate into your other

marketing efforts?

What are you hoping to achieve with Social Media?

Do you have the time to do it properly?

Characteristics of the Main Networks

FaceBook: I like donuts Twitter: I am eating a donut.

LinkedIn: My skills don’t include baking Google+: Google integrates donuts with Gmail FourSquare: This is where I eat donuts Instagram: Here’s a vintage photo of my donut YouTube: Here’s a video of me eating a donut Pinterest: Here’s what my donut recipe looks like

The Five P’s of Social Media

Guy Kawasaki

Facebook is for people — People who you went to high school or college with and your family.

Twitter is for perceptions — Perceptions such as “I feel an earthquake and I’m in Chile.” Google+ is for passions — Passions such as photography that you cannot share with your Facebook people.

Pinterest is for pinning — Pinning pictures with little interaction.

LinkedIn is for Pimping — as in making business connections or finding a job.

Musts for being on ALL Social Media

• • • • • • Fill out your profile as completely as you are comfortable – diff for FB v. LI Show a good headshot – or at the very least your branded logo Use the same headshot or logo on all networks (for starters) Link to your demo website Include contact information to the extent you’re comfortable Your Brand/Image/personna should be consistent across all networks

The 3 “Be’s” of Social Media Etiquette


If you only have time for one Social Network…make it this one.

…is the 800lb Gorilla in the room

1-Billion+ users

• • Join VO Groups, interact, pay forward Voice-Over Friends Voice-Over Pros -Use important Keywords in your profile -Post Links -Contribute to the conversation

Personal Page: 5,000 friends Business Page: unlimited Great for searching out people, even businesses Good Prep for “warm calls” – finding commonalities Don’t engage in controversy (what goes on the internet stays on the internet) Post pics, videos, and links to soundfiles

500 million users

Most frustrating Most misunderstood Most Cryptic

      

140 characters, that’s it! It’s a simple concept. People fear it but it’s not hard once you get started. Think of Twitter as going to a party. It’s a 2 way street! Start conversations. Create relationships, listen to people!

Be patient Ask Questions Say “Thanks” a lot!

Have fun!

      

140 characters, that’s it! It’s a simple concept. People fear it but it’s not hard once you get started. Think of Twitter as going to a party. It’s a 2 way street! Start conversations. Create relationships, listen to people!

Be patient Ask Questions Say “Thanks” a lot!

Have fun!

Use Hashtags Get on and follow lists Do Advanced Searches (think of Twitter as a database) Offer links or info RT often Follow and interact with influencers



Google is the new Apple…innovative, risk-taking, loaded w/ $$ They own YouTube, the 2 nd largest search engine in the world Their MANY services are mostly free and highly integrated: • Google Drive • Gmail • Google Calendar • Shared docs • • Hang Outs Google +

+ 350-million users, fastest growing Social Network evarr Mostly male, opinionated, geeky, highly educated Recently had big makeover HIGHLY motivated to make this network Succeed!

+ • Complete your profile (remember: consistent branding) • Join “Communities” (or start your own) • Join HangOuts (or start your own) • Engage, interact, contribute • Organize your CIRCLES

Why I like LinkedIn Even MORE!

More serious/business-minded 250-million members (global) Less patter, more that matters Deep, broad searches (improved)

Making the most of Linkedin JOIN GROUPS Scope out prospects Post videos, demos Seek / write recommendations See who’s Viewed your profile Fill profile with keywords

LinkedIn Groups

Choose “Prospect” Groups (not VO groups) Contribute your expertise (marathon, not a sprint) Connect to individuals within groups Click on a group’s “Jobs” tab


50-million users Majority are women Visual Pinboard Use to extend your brand, your knowledge, and post links to videos, audios, and pictures Share with/from others & search


Compose a video presentation to go with your demo on YouTube

• • • • • • • • Link to it Share it Email it Post on Facebook Posit it on Twitter Post it on LinkedIn Link it to your Website Embed it in your blog

YouTube: One of the best places to learn how to pronounce hard words!


Texting, large-file transfer, chatting video calls

Video Conferencing

Answer-phone message

Your own phone number people can call from a land line

Android and Apple

Recordable podcasts, interviews

Best “Phone Patch” option evar


Post your demos

Audio clips of cool projects you are working on.


Follow others in the creative industry.

Post to


and Twitter automatically!

Record right on SoundCloud!

Embed in websites

Tips, Tools, and Tricks

MUST HAVE: Smartphone or Tablet preferably Android or iOS

Fave Apps:

Evernote Twittelator or Osfoora FaceBook Messenger Twisted Wave

Tips, Tools, and Tricks

Get a cloud service and USE IT!

Top Candidates: • • • • • • • iCloud

DropBox Sugar Sync SkyDrive Google Drive Copy or Cubby

Tips, Tools, and Tricks Optimizing your Time Online

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (maybe Sunday night) Mornings/evenings best, early afternoon OK “Snack” no “3-squares” Automate your posts?

HootSuite Buffer Nimble

Tips, Tools, and Tricks

• • • • Bookmarklets Extensions Plug-ins Add-ons • • • • MAILCHIMP BATCHBOOK FRESHBOOKS VOICE-ZAM

Tips, Tools, and Tricks

BE YOURSELF …be your BEST self