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(U.K. b. 1950)
Asian Field, 2006, NOT site
specific installation as part of
Biennale of Sydney 2006. Close
to 200,000 terra cotta
Angel of the North, 1995,
steel and copper, 20m
x 54m. Stands at
Gateshead, England,
looking over a busy
Watch this video clip on Angel of the North:
Life-size maquette at National Gallery of Australia,
Inside Australia, 2003, site specific installation comprising 51 figures, Lake Ballard
Western Australia.
“I've never been interested in making
statues. Rather than representing the
body itself, I try to show the space
where the body was.” Antony Gormley
DRIFT I, 2007-2012
3 mm square section stainless steel bar
362 x 507 x 445 cm
Drift III, 2008, 2mm square section stainless
steel bar 260 x 260 x 230 cm
Learning to think, 1991. Figures are life size. This was a site-specific installation in an old jail.
EDGE, 1985 Lead, fibreglass, plaster, air 25 x 58 x 195 cm, figure suspended from wall
at similar height to where a bed would stand.
Transport, 2010, slightly larger than life size,
Canterbury Cathedral, UK. Made from old iron
nails taken from the cathedral. Floats above the
century tomb of Thomas Becket, Archibishop of
Canterbury in the 12 century, who was
Constantin Brancusi (Romania 1876 – 1957)
The Kiss, 1916, limestone, 58 x 34 x 25 cm)
Edgar Degas (French, 1834–1917) , Little
dancer of 14 years, originally wax with
clothes, 1865 -1881, approx. 108cm,cast in
bronze in about 1921 after his death.
Antonio Canova (Italy, 1757-1852) The Three
Graces, marble, c. 1815, 173 X 97 X 57 cm.
Venus of Willendorf, 23000 BCE
Waste man, 2006, giant figure made of rubbish from the Margate community
Watch this video on Waste Man:
Vessel, 2012, Cor-Ten steel
370 x 2200 x 480 cm
Q: Observe Plates 1 and 2. Explain THREE aspects of Reg Mombassa’s
artmaking practice by referring briefly to his ideas and actions.
Plate 2: Chris O’Doherty aka Reg
Mombassa, (New Zealand b. 1951)
Artwork for the back of a Mambo shirt,
2000, acrylic paint and gouache on
paper, 30 x 25cm
Plate 1: Chris O’Doherty aka Reg Mombassa,
(New Zealand, b. 1951) Sunshower, 2003,
charcoal and coloured pencil on paper, 23 x
The shoes were collected in Krakow and
Warsaw from people who didn’t want to
use them anymore.
The people were asked to write a story
about their shoes, a memory. All in all 450
pairs were collected and shown at
Manggha 2004.
Extract from www.
Chiaru Shiota, b. 1972, Japan, living in
Germany. Dialogue from DNA, 2004.
Manggha, Centre of Japanese Art &
Technology, Krakow, Poland. Shoes,
wool, yarn, paper. Variable dimensions.
Photograph of audience members
reading a story accompanying one of
the shoes in Dialogue from DNA, 2004.