Monash Abroad: Back From Abroad

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Transcript Monash Abroad: Back From Abroad

Monash Abroad:
Back From Abroad
Sue Ellson BBus AIMM MAHRI
[email protected]
21 August 2014
Welcome Back - Repatriation
Six Best Settlement Strategies
1. Find a friend
2. Source local information
3. Start or continue a hobby or interest
4. Expect it to be challenging
5. Ask questions
6. Develop new routines and rituals
Six million Australian Members
300 million Worldwide Members
Name on First Page of Google
Companies use LinkedIn Recruiter
90% of jobs not advertised
Best way to get a job – networking,
referrals, voluntary work
• Keep a manual record of your statistics (views,
endorsements, recommendations,
• Export your profile to PDF
• Export your LinkedIn Connections
• More likely to appear in search results if your
profile is completed
• More likely to be viewed if you have a
• Three most important sections
- Headline, Photo, Summary
• Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
• Contact information in Contact Section,
Summary and Advice for Contacting
• Describe what you are looking for in Summary
and Advice for Contacting
• List all your subjects, projects, experience
Job Market
• Personalise your resume, cover letter
• Build relationships and connections
• Seek information and referrals –
it is not what you know or
who you know,
it is who refers you
• Seek out mentors
• (closing)
• (closing)
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