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Unit 3 P4 Assignment 2

Risk Assessment

Describe three procedures used to promote and maintain a healthy and safe sporting environment

      Chose 3 of the following and described them using sport examples Standard Operating procedures Emergency operating procedures Quality Checks Safety Checks Staff Training

Standard operating procedures

 Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are the documented processes that a company has in place to ensure services and/or products are delivered consistently every time. When a company is growing, it is often highly dependent on the owner for all major decisions. As the company reaches a certain size, this form of decision making can limit its capacity to grow further since the owner cannot possibly make all decisions properly. Additional management and documented SOPs are required to allow the company to continue growing, and also establish a succession plan and train the growing employee base.  operating-procedures-sop

Standard operating procedures

Task – find a SOP (standard operating procedure in your pairs then explain to the group what it covers)

Emergency operating procedures

 Task now find an EAP ( Emergency operating procedures ) and explain the difference

Quality Checks

  Quality checks are to be carried out on specific items to ensure they meet specific criteria. An example of this could be a football, before the premier league commit to a particular football make and design it will be checked repeatedly for its quality – Remember the world cup in South Africa Can you come up some equipment that will need to be checked in sport and say what tests you would complete ?

Safety Checks

   Checking equipment or working areas etc for damage or and potential hazards A safety check is carried out by whoever will be using the equipment – would you climb a ladder without checking it is safe ?

Safety checks in sport will relate to any equipment being used or any facilities being populated. For example afety checks will be carried out on gym equipment and also on the gym room its self for things such as lighting and air conditioning

Staff Training

     Staff Training is simple – It is the training of staff in a certain area to learn or improve on a particular skill Staff training will refer to every employee and they will need to complete, in some cases specific tasks to be able to work on a particular machine or in a particular area Example – bar staff will need to be able to mix and pour drinks Gym staff will need to be able to induct gym members Receptionists will need to use computer systems

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 assessing-risk-in-sport-assignment-33 match-day-pro/