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AP Analysis Essay #2
Prose Analysis
(the hardest one!)
2. purpose
3. style
Analyze an author’s view on a specific subject
Analyze rhetorical devices used by an author to achieve his
or her purpose
Analyze stylistic elements in a passage and their effects
Analyze the author’s tone and how the author conveys this
 Compare
and/or contrast two passages with regard
to style, purpose, or tone
 Analyze the author’s purpose and how he or she
achieves it
 Analyze some of the ways an author recreates a
real or imagined experience
 Analyze how an author presents him or herself in
the passage
 Discuss the intended and/or probable effect of a
1. Example
2. Comparison and contrast
3. Definition
4. Cause and effect
5. Process
6. Analysis
7. Classification
 1.
subject matter
 2. selection of detail
 3. organization
 4. point of view
 5. diction
 6. syntax
 7. language
 8. attitude
 9. tone
Plan to spend 1-3 minutes carefully reading and
deconstructing the question
Circle or underline the essential terms and elements in the
If the prompt requires more than one element, you must
use more than one!
To analyze prose, remember that we are looking at…
WHAT the author is doing?
• and
HOW is he/she doing it?
Sample Prompt:
The passage below is from an autobiography. After reading
the passage carefully, write an essay analyzing how the
author uses juxtaposition of ideas, choice of detail, and
other aspect of style to reveal the kind of person she is.
Most passages are structured around a WHAT? And a HOW?
Draw an arch
Practice #2-6
One person will be “volunteered” to draw theirs on the Eno