The Number of Players

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The Number of Players (3)
U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program
Grade 8 Referee Course
Competitive Youth Training
Checking in Players
Number of Players
o LOTG Maximum 11, Minimum 7
o Each team must have a goalkeeper
o Small sided games – Rules of competition
may set different maximum/minimum
o Goalkeeper always required
Late Arrivals
o Players who arrive late can play
o Still have to check-in
o Assistant referee or fourth official can perform
o Player can enter during play with permission
from the referee
o Substitute reports to official
o Referee is informed
o Player leaves the field
o Anywhere
o Substitute enters the field
o Only after the players leaves
o Only at the halfway line
o Any player may change with the goalkeeper
o During a stoppage
o With the referee’s permission
o For violation – both players cautioned
o Substituting the goalkeeper
o Standard procedure
Too Many Players
Sent Off Players
o Sent off before game
o Replaced by another player on roster
o Team starts with 11 players
o Sent off during game
o May not be replaced
o Sent off after game
o Include misconduct in the game report
Outside Agents
o Anyone or anything not listed on roster
o Stop play if needed
o Not immediately if no interference
o Remove outside agent
o Restart play with dropped ball if play was
Review Question
Can the checking of player passes and the
players’ equipment be skipped if the game is
running behind schedule?
o No, it’s important to check and inspect all
players even if the game is running late
o Yes, this process can be skipped so long as
both coaches agree
Review Question
Can the referee allow a team to play without a
o Yes, a team is allowed to play without a
goalkeeper if they chose to
o No, each team must have a goalkeeper