Taste Country. Michelle Harvey MEO, Postgraduate

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Transcript Taste Country. Michelle Harvey MEO, Postgraduate

Taste Country.
Michelle Harvey
MEO, Postgraduate Medical Education Unit
First up are the Facts
• There is no ‘typical profile’ WACHS patient.
• You don’t have to move to the country permanently.
Establishing your Expectations
 It’s important that you are realistic about your
expectations and consider what WACHS is able
to deliver in return:
• Ask questions.
• Read the information provided to you carefully.
• Clarify your needs, wants and goals before
So, Why Choose Country?
The experience.
The opportunity.
The advantage.
Is living in the country for you?
What aspect of clinical practice has
engaged your interest?
What are the resources available to you when you’re
away from the metro hospitals, and how does that impact
on patients in your care?
You’ll experience a whole new approach to
 You’ll be a central part of your local community.
 You’ll benefit from the mentoring and support of a
committed clinical supervisor.
 You’ll be exposed to the challenges of a small team
working in a multi-disciplinary environment with limited
 You’ll gain from an educational program tailor-made to
your professional development requirements.
 You’ll enjoy the natural attractions of the regions in your
time away from work.
Where will the journey take you?
• Bunbury, Albany, Kalgoorlie, Broome, Geraldton or Port
• WACHS offers intern, resident and registrar positions
across these sites. Areas of specialty include
Emergency, General Medicine and Surgery, Psychiatry,
Paediatrics and Orthopaedics.
• There are also shared positions available, including
The WACHS PMEU supports DITs and clinical
supervisors to ensure education and training needs are
met in regional areas.
What terms are on offer in 2015?
 Fiona Stanley Hospital
o 1, 2, 3 or 4 rotations in Albany
o 1 or 2 rotations in Broome
 Royal Perth Hospital
o 1 rotation in Kalgoorlie or Port Hedland
o 1 or 4 rotations in Bunbury
 Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
o 1 or 2 rotations in Geraldton or Port Hedland
How do you apply?
 If you are an intern, apply through the central recruitment
process to one of the PEHS. (Intern applications for 2015
will open on 5th May and close 6th June 2014).
 Specify that you wish to apply for a WACHS position and
indicate which position you want, and the length of
placement you’re seeking.
 Present a competitive application with cover letter, resume
and statement fully addressing the selection criteria.
 Be aware that each applicant is judged on merit.
 Planning ahead, you should be aware that WACHS is a
direct employer of RMOs: you can sign up for 6-12 months
or, if seconded, rotate to a regional site for 1-4 terms.
Future rural career options
The concept behind the Rural Practice Pathway is
to facilitate the training and development of junior
doctors who wish to become rural practitioners,
starting from their student years through to the
College Fellowship stage.
Possible rural career pathways include:
o GP
o GP with advanced procedural skills
o General specialist in ED, paediatrics, medicine,
surgery, O&G, anaesthetics and psychiatry.
Where can I find out more?
 http://www.ruralhealthwest.com.au/futureworkforce/choose-country/rural-practicepathway-map
 E: [email protected]
Go. See. Grow.