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The Governor’s Scholars Program
For Juniors Only
(but you have to prepare for it
in 9th and 10th grades)
What is it?
• A five-week residential (means you live on a
college campus for 5 weeks) program for
outstanding Kentucky students.
• Happens in the summer after your JUNIOR
year of high school.
• Provides academic and personal growth in
addition to experiencing a residential life
experience (you have to do your own laundry).
Can Anybody Apply?
• Well, You must be a Junior to apply.
• You must have taken the ACT, PSAT, or ACT in
the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade (PSAT registration
starts TOMORROW)
• You must intend to return to high school after
your Junior Year (so if you plan to graduate
after your Junior Year, you cannot apply…see
Mrs. Ison for more on EARLY GRADUATION!)
If it is only for JUNIORS
(why are 9th and 10th watching this?)
• If you wait until your JUNIOR year to prepare
for the GSP program, you might be too late to
be competitive (a nice way of saying having a
snowball’s chance of succeeding).
• The next few slides will show what is expected
on the GSP application. (the application is a
The Part You DO NOT Do
While YOU (student) are completing your part of
the application, someone else (usually yours
truly) is completing THIS information for your
1. Your ACT, PSAT, or SAT highest score from 9th
10th or 11th grades
2. Your UNWEIGHTED GPA (ask your teacher what
unweighted means)
3. The DIFFICULTY of your Course Load (the ratio
between hard courses and easy ones)
How Will I Know if I can be
“Competitive” or not?
• Juniors are receiving a handout that tells how many
points each item is worth. (9th and 10th can find the
same info on-line)
• I cannot recall any one with LESS than a 3.7 GPA by the
end of term 1 of the JUNIOR YEAR being a GSP
• I cannot recall anyone with an ACT score of LESS than a
26 being a GSP candidate (or PSAT lower than 80%ile)
• I cannot recall anyone with lots of Peer Tutor sections
on their JUNIOR schedule being a GSP candidate.
• I cannot recall anyone who has not taken at least 2
years of a foreign language being a GSP candidate
Difficulty of Course Load?
• If you have only taken the required curriculum
in lower level classes and have not selected
ACADEMIC classes as electives…you would get
only 1 point out of a possible 5 for your
Course Load (see why you have to start early
to challenge yourself with tough classes?)
The Part YOU do
• Student Profile: “List the activities in which
you have been involved and provide a
description of your contribution to that
activity.” (grades 9-11 only)
• Activities can be in school, church, community,
hobbies, civic functions, talents.
• The key is bolded above. (BTW, space for 33
activities is listed)
More That You Do
• Service: “List your volunteer or paid service.
Explain your specific responsibilities and the
impact these experiences have had on your
awareness, growth, and development.”
• They want to know how much time, how
often, and the length of time you have been
involved in your service activities. (‘nuff said)
And More
• Honors/Awards: “List awards received for
school activities or from outside
organizations.” (grades 9-11 only)
• They want you to list International, National,
State, Regional, District, and School honors
and awards.
• They want to know if the award is individual
or a group honor.
The Writing Entry
(…in 500 words or less)
• You must choose from 4
writing prompts
• They change every year.
• They require writing
and re-writing and
editing and re-writing
and editing and rewriting (you get the
Writing Entries will be
judged on:
1. Format
2. Purpose/Audience
3. Idea Development
4. Organization
5. Sentences
6. Language
7. Correctness
Pay attention in ENGLISH CLASS!
So Why Would I Want to DO All That to
• Most colleges in Kentucky will offer partial or
complete tuition scholarships to GSP students.
• Some, depending on your ACT score, will offer
FULL RIDES (ask your teacher what that means)
• It’s more FUN than you ever thought possible to
live in a dorm on a college campus for 5 weeks!
• Bragging Rights for you, your parents, your
school! (even if you go to an out-of-state school)
Want to Know MORE?
• Search on-line:
• The application is available for you as well as
“Helpful Hints” for completing it.
• If you are a JUNIOR, go for it!
• If you are 9th or 10th PREPARE for it!
• IF you are interested in becoming a Governor’s
Scholar, you will have the opportunity to submit a
• The LETTER OF INTEREST form will be available in
your FLY class on October 1.
• There will be directions for completing your
• You should take the PSAT
• You should begin thinking about teachers and
community leaders for recommendations
• Once you submit your LETTER OF INTEREST
and attach all required documents, you may
begin to complete the application (did I
mention it is a bear of an application?)
• Pay attention to ALL deadlines for GSP after
you have submitted your LETTER OF INTEREST.
• If you miss a deadline, it may hurt your
application…because…(see next slide)
• Dr. Sapp will appoint a school-based
committee to review applications and select
the most able and talented students to
forward to the District Selection Committee.
• The school-based committee will consist of a
community representative, principal or
designee, counselor, and two teachers (one
who is a teacher in gifted education).
• The committee will need time to review all
applications and select the ones to forward to
the District Selection Committee.
• All of this takes TIME! Don’t hurt your chances
by procrastinating!
• You will need to complete a Letter of Interest
(or Intent) found elsewhere on Scott’s