Element Assignment: Gold

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Transcript Element Assignment: Gold

By: Rhea Rodych
Common uses of gold
 Jewelry
 Electronics
 Space and astronauts
 In modern medicine
Gold’s history
 It was estimated that about six thousand years ago gold was still used to make
ornamental objects.
 Many believe this was the first use of gold.
 Now a days about 78% of gold manufactured to make jewelry.
 The other 22% is used in electronics, medicine, and space equipment.
 Gold is good to make jewelry for these qualities:
-high luster
-desirable color
-not easily tarnished
-easily malleable (can be hammered into shape).
-it is very soft (it is the softest metal).
 Lots of electronics contain gold in them.
 Gold is a good energy conductor because it can carry small currents and remain
free from damage or decay. Mainly because it is a metal
 It is highly reliable.
 Some common electronics that contain gold:
-cell phones
- calculators
 But since one billion cell phones are produced each year and almost never recycled
the amount of gold wasted is a very high.
Gold in computers
 Gold has the ability is to transmit digital data through a computer quickly and
 Gold also has the ability to transfer data from one device to another.
 This requires a reliable and efficient conductor.
 That’s why gold is in almost all computers.
Space and Astronauts
 Gold is essential for safe and comfortable travel in space.
 Over 40.8 kilograms of gold were used on the Columbia space shuttle.
 Without it man would have never landed on the moon.
 NASA uses sheets of gold 0.15mm thin to help protect the astronauts from
radiation from the sun.
 Its used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, liver, eye, and ear diseases.
 Even depression.
 It is used in drugs like DMARD’s. Which are drugs to help treat arthritis.
 Recently gold has had new purpose to help cancer treatments. Particles are
inserted in the tissues to act as a radiation source for cancer treatment.
 Radioactive gold is used in lots of surgical instruments and life support devices as
 Information
 Pictures
Gold bricks: http://www.free-press-release.com/uploads/news/2012/10/16/1350415816_img0.jpg
Gold chunk: http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://technabob.com/blog/wpcontent/uploads/2009/01/gold_nugget.jpg&imgrefurl=http://technabob.com/blog/2009/01/31/fullgarbage-alchemistjapanese-sewage-plant-mines-gold-fromsludge/&h=243&w=520&sz=46&tbnid=t0ReUbzNgU7VlM:&tbnh=54&tbnw=116&zoom=1&usg=___sGMCMcXfIIxhAEnt0rEwd
Gold bangles: http://images03.olx.in/ui/15/23/14/1348136247_440131914_1-Buyer-Of-Gold-Jewellery-in-DelhiKarolBagh.jpg
Space shuttle #1: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mBSjhpMoRZ8/TigbS4yYO_I/AAAAAAAAB3s/JhthPbsuWow/s1600/space_shuttle_13.jpg
Space shuttle #2:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7DpBjjP_s9Q/Txufp7MJ5I/AAAAAAAAAS4/4ZZNNXiDccw/s1600/SpaceShuttleAtlantis-Launch-01.jpg
Space helmet:
Medicine pills: http://www.pharmaafrica.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/medicine_pills.jpg
Gold Macbook: http://www.scrollonline.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/MacBook-pro-24-carat-Gold1.jpg
Gold hp: http://cdn-static.zdnet.com/i/story/61/18/006320/hp-mini-2140_gold.jpg
Cell phones: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?p=7093
Calculators: http://www.colourbox.com/preview/2695564-272468-calculators-and-pencils-isolated-on-white-background.jpg
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