2013 - Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology

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Transcript 2013 - Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology

PSC Annual Business Meeting 2013
Lester Layfield MD
Treasurer’s Report
Eric Suba MD
Income Sheet
Donation from Dr. Tao
Donation from Dr. Oertel
Donation from Dr. Abati
Donation from Abbott
Donation from ARUP
Cambridge Univ Press
Membership dues
Total Income
Net Income: 4894.21
2012 PSC Board luncheon
2012 PSC AV equipment
2012 PSC cocktail reception
Resident research award
Tao Award (from Dr. Stanley)
Oertel Award (from Dr. Gupta)
Lifetime Achievement Award
(from Dr. Miller)
Visual Flair Design (website)
FOCUS newsletter fees
Total Expenses
Balance Sheet
 Cash
Balance (as of 12/31/11)
 2012
 2012
 2012
Net Incomes
 Liabilities
 End
of year balance (12/31/12) $20,437.30
Secretary’s Report
David Chhieng MD
Election of officers
4 Vacant position for 2013-2014
 1 President-elect
 1 Treasurer
 2 member at large
Candidates received from the
nominating committee
 President Elect
 Matthew Zarka
 Tarik Elsheikh
 Britt-Marie Ljung
 Helen Wang
 Philippe Viehl (2nd term)
 Fernando Schmitt
 Beatrix Cochand-Priollet
 Laura Tabatabai
 Guido Fadda
Election of officers
 63
(~one third) votes were received
 The
results are:
 President Elect
 Tarik Elsheikh
 Britt-Marie Ljung
 Philippe Viehl (2nd term)
 Fernando Schmitt
 Beatrix Cochand-Priollet
 Laura Tabatabai
Executive Board 2013-2014
Zubair Baloch
Tarik Elsheikh
Britt-Marie Ljung
David Chheing.
Past President
Lester Layfield
Bill Faquin
Daniel Kurtycz
Phillipe Viel
Matthew Zarka
Fernando Schmitt
Beatrix Cochand-Priollet
Laura Tabatabai
Membership Committee
Rosemary Tambouret MD (Chair)
Angelique W. Levi, M.D.
Beatrix Cochand-Priollet, M.D.
Jian Shen, M.D.
Harvey Cramer, M.D.
there are 204 active members
for 2012 (up 50% from 2011)
171 (84%) members from the United
 33 (16%) from 15 other countries
(North America, Central America,
Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia)
 No members from South America
Nominating and Award Committee
Martha Pitman MD (Chair)
Andrea Abati, MD
Philippe Vielh, MD
William Faquin, MD
Maureen Zakowski, MD
Jan Silverman, M.D.
Yolanda Oertel Interventional Cytopathologist
of the Year Award
Michael Cohen, M.D.
L.C. Tao Educator of the Year Award
Sudha Kini, MD
PSC Lifetime Achievement Award
Research Committee
Claire Michael MD (Chair)
Ben Davidson, M.D., Ph.D
Stewart M. Knoepp, M.D., Ph. D.
Paolo Gattuso, M.D.
Aziza Nassar, M.D.
Diane Kowalski, M.D.
Mousa A. Al-Abbadi, M.D., FICA
First Winner
[388] Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing
from Fine Needle Aspirates
Hope E Karnes, Eric J Duncavage, Cory T
Bernadt. Washington University in St Louis, St.
Louis, MO
Second Winner
[413] DNA Qualitative and Quantitative
Comparison of Alcohol Fixed Cytology
Versus Formalin Fixed Tissue for PNA
Clamp Real-Time PCR Detection of KRAS,
Frida Rosenblum, Keith Tomaszewicz,
Maryann St. Cyr, Andrew Fischer, Ediz F
Cosar, Elizabeth M Kurian, Lloyd Hutchinson.
University of Massachusetts Medical
Healthcare System, Worceste
Program Development Task
Zubair Baloch MD (Chair)
Philippe Vielh, M.D., PhD.
Andrew S. Field, M.D.
Matthew A. Zarka, M.D.
Paul Wakely, M.D.
 Joint
session with ASC - European Federation of
Cytopathology Societies (EFCS) Meeting in Croatia 2012
 Sponsored
program with Papanicolaou Tutorial of
Cytopathology July 2012. Cornell Medical Center, NY
 Sponsored
program with Papanicolaou Tutorial of
Cytopathology July 2013. Cornell Medical Center, NY
Sponsored Luncheon at ASCP 2013 Annual Meeting:
Training in Cytopathology: Effective strategies for
teachers and practical goals for trainees. Faculty – Gordon
Yu & Richard C. Szumel
Scientific Program
Matthew A. Zarka, M.D. (Chair)
Zubair W. Baloch, M.D., Ph.D.
N. Paul Ohori, M.D.
Scott Boerner, M.D., FRCPC
Guido Fadda, M.D.
Anjali Saqi, M.D.
Scientific Programs: 2012
2012: Joint ASC & PSC Companion
Society – Day 1. “Respiratory tract cytology:
from basic morphology to advanced molecular”
 Number of evaluations: 182. 122 attendees
claimed a total of 356 CME hours. 33
attendees claimed a total of 98 SAM hours
 Evaluations. PSC portion: 82% positive (very
good excellent; av 85%)
 Very good, better than average: 48%
 Excellent: 34%
Scientific Programs: 2012 (cont)
Panel Luncheon: “Detection of
Biliary Tract Malignancy: A Novel
Method Using FISH, Cytomorphology,
and Statistical Programming”
Scientific Programs 2013
Joint ASC &PSC Companion Society
Meeting. “Algorithmic Approach to
Pancreaticobilary Cytology.” Day 1.
 William R. Brugge, MD. Massachusettes
General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
 Barbara A Centeno, MD. Moffitt Cancer
Center/University of South Florida
 Syed Z. Ali, MBBS. John Hopkins Hospital/John
Hopkins University and School of Medicine
 Ralph H. Hruban, MD. John Hopkins
Hospital/John Hopkins University and School
of Medicine
Scientific Programs 2013 (cont.)
Sponsored Panel Luncheon. Proposed title:
“Personalized Genomic Medicine &
Bioinformatics Changing Today’s Practice of
 Liron Pantanowitz, MD. University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center
 Sara E. Monaco, MD. University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center
 Anna B. Berry, MD. University of California San
Scientific Programs 2013 (cont.)
sponsored session at ASCP. “Training
in Cytopathology: Effective Strategies for
Teachers and Practical Goals for Trainees”
 Gordon H. Yu, MD. University of
 Richard C. Szumel, MD. Union Hospital
Education Committee
Aylin Simsir MD (Chair)
Joan Cangiarella, M.D.
Guoping Cai, M.D.
John P. Crapanzano, M.D.
Armando Filie, M.D.
Anna B. Berry, M.D.
Andre L. Moreira M.D., PhD
Cases submitted for 2012
Feb 2012
 Alexander Finkelstein, MD and Aylin Simsir, MD
NYU School of School of Medicine, New York, NY
Apr 2012
 Gillian H. Levy, MD and Guoping Cai, MD
Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT
Jun 2012
 Alexander Finkelstein, DO and Joan Cangiarella, MD.
NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY
Sept 2012
 John Crapanzano, MD
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY
PSC Book Series Task Force
Kim Gesinger MD
Martha B. Pitman, M.D.
PSC Book Series
 Basic cytology
 Lung and Mediastinum
 Musculoskeletal
 In
 Breast
 Others
in work include
 Serous effusion
 Lymphoma
Publication Committee
Vinod Shidam, M.D. (Chair and
Editor of Focus)
Nancy P.Caraway , M.D.
Manon Auger, M.D., FRCP
N. Paul Ohori, M.D.
Adebowale J. Adeniran, M.D.
Santo V. Nicosia , M.D.
issues of Focus
 Thank
Dr. Manon for her contribution to the
Humanities Corner in the Focus Newsletter.
 Request
nominations for a section editor
with similar interesting topics in Focus For
Dec 2013 issue.
 The
Focus editorial staff is also thankful to
the PSC members for their timely
contributions to the past Focus issues. We
are looking forward to their future proactive
contribution to future issues submission of
interesting topics and material.
Web-Site Committee
Daniel Kurtycz MD (Chair)
Claire Michael, M.D.
Vincent Ko, M.D.
Stefan E. Pambuccian, M.D.
Chris S. Jensen, M.D.
Website for the Pancreaticobiliary
 http://www.papsociety.org/pscoforum/
 All
of the five base committee documents are in
 Also posted on PSC Facebook Page and ASC
 Nearly
 No
100 physicians have signed up
cost to the society
Standards of Practice
Guidelines Committee
Britt-Marie Ljung MD (Chair)
John Abele, M.D.
Miguel A. Sanchez, M.D.
Susan Rollins, M.D.
CAP US FNA course
 3x
a year
 The
number of participants expanded from
12 to 16
faculty/per course
 Awarded
the prestigious Excellence in
Practice award from the American Society
for Training and Development (ASTD) in
Introduction to US FNA workshop
half day workshop at the annual ASC
meeting Nov 2012
 Faculty
composed of UCSF faculty: B-M
Ljung, R Balassanian, E Khanafshar and A
 Drs
Britt-Marie Ljung and Martha Pitman
invited by Dr Celeste Powers to submit a
review paper on their experience of
“Establishing USFNA in an Academic
Setting” for Pathology Case Reviews in
Spring 2012—Now in Press.
International Scientific
Program and Relations
Fernando Schmitt MD (Chair)
Eric J. Suba, M.D.
Philippe Vielh, M.D.
Carlos Bedrossian, M.D., FIAC
Fernando Schmitt, M.D., FIAC
Zubair Baloch, M.D., Ph.D.
PSC Reception
Hilton Baltimore Hotel
Key Ballroom 2
5:00 pm right after the
business meeting