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Transcript PowerEdge VRTX Customer NDA presentation

The purpose of this presentation
Purpose of this slide deck and guidelines for usage:
• This Partner-facing slide deck should be used by Dell Channel sales to brief Partners
about Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX (pronounced “ver-teks”), a unique offering
demonstrating unprecedented innovation and thought leadership.
• PowerEdge VRTX will be a disruptive force in the marketplace. Information about
PowerEdge VRTX is highly sensitive.
• This presentation can be shown to Partners only after ensuring that a current,
signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is on file. The deck cannot be forwarded,
distributed or left behind.
• Sales teams interested in additional training, as well as guidance about how
to use this deck, can consult their Dell Sales Specialist.
• Additional PowerEdge VRTX training will be available via NetExam from
5th June 2013.
1 Dell
Dell PowerEdge VRTX
Partner presentation
Dell confidential — NDA required
Dell PowerEdge VRTX
• Partner benefits
• Product overview
• Solution scenarios
• Customer benefits
• Partner benefits summary
Dell confidential – NDA required
Dell confidential – NDA required
A revolutionary solution
Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX is a
revolutionary fully integrated,
scalable, easy-to-manage
office-optimised data centre.
It is a solution platform that
integrates up to four PowerEdge
M-series server nodes featuring
Intel® Xeon® processors, storage,
networking and management
in a single chassis.
Dell confidential – NDA required
A powerful differentiator for
your business
This one-of-a kind solution gives you the opportunity to:
• Capitalise on new opportunities
– Offer the flexibility that small to midsize offices, as well as remote and branch offices, need to
simplify their infrastructures and continue to grow.
– Get creative and develop your own new market solutions to increase revenue.
– Sell profitable add-on services thanks to PowerEdge VRTX’s remote-management capabilities
and provide a better-managed solution to your customers.
• Increase your profits simply
– Profit from a solution fully integrated from a single vendor that’s easy to sell, easy to configure
and easy to manage.
– Leverage your expertise to sell and support PowerEdge VRTX; it’s built on the platforms and
technology you already know.
– Give your customers access to IT infrastructure and solutions that until now they’ve been unable
to benefit from.
• Succeed with Dell’s help
– Expand your knowledge even further with training specific to PowerEdge VRTX.
– Get the word out with marketing tools, including emails, one-pagers and more.
Dell confidential – NDA required
Dell confidential – NDA required
Pervasive IT concerns in
office environments
• Complexity due to disparate hardware
• Hardware sprawl and lack of space
• Proliferation and complexity of systems
management tools
• Higher IT costs and total cost of ownership
• System downtime for maintenance
• Remote systems management inconsistent
with data centre tools
IT rigidity
• Insufficient scalability to handle performance
spikes or support business growth
• Power incompatibility
• High noise levels
Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge VRTX:
Customer-inspired design
• Office-optimised dimensions, acoustics
and security
• Virtualisation-ready
• Scalable, integrated shared storage to
harness data explosion
• Simplified systems management
• Simplified networking to fit even small
business budgets
• Highly available and easy to service
• Flexible installation with both rack and
standalone options
PowerEdge VRTX
deskside orientation
Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge VRTX: Front and rear views
Eight external
PCI Express Slots
Hot plug
redundant power
supply units
10 Dell confidential – NDA required
ports CMC
Eight RJ45
network interface
card (NIC) ports
KVM (keyboard,
video, mouse)
Hot plug
Shared storage up to
25 x 2.5-inch or 12 x 3.5-inch
hard disk drive (HDD )
Internal low
latency, fast
Up to four
PowerEdge M520 or
PowerEdge M620
server nodes
Drive performance with
PowerEdge VRTX server nodes
Proven PowerEdge server nodes deliver workhorse
performance and density without compromise
PowerEdge M620
• Feature-rich, two-socket, half-height PowerEdge M520
and PowerEdge M620 server nodes combine superb
performance with exceptional flexibility.
–PowerEdge M620: Fifty percent more memory
than nearest competitor for greater consolidation
and virtualisation
–PowerEdge M520: Outstanding platform for mainstream
business applications
• No compromise, enterprise-class high-availability features
–First to market with dual Secure Digital (SD) cards for
redundant hypervisors
–Many RAID options tailored to specific needs
–Optional hot plug and swappable power supply units,
HDDs and fans in the PowerEdge VRTX chassis
• Comprehensive, intelligent systems management
11 Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge M520
PowerEdge VRTX shared storage
• Enables enterprise-class capabilities inside the
chassis such as
–Live migration in virtualised environments for
both Microsoft and VMware®
–High-availability clustering
• All four server nodes have access to the full
storage space
–Each server node sees the storage as its own
singular storage pool
–Virtual disks can be assigned to single server
nodes or across server nodes
• Internal, low latency, fast storage
• Choice of up to 12 x 3.5-inch or 25 x 2.5-inch HDD
• Grow as needed with up to 48TB storage capacity
inside the chassis
12 Dell confidential – NDA required
Dell OpenManage systems management
Comprehensive, simple, efficient systems
management with Dell OpenManage™
Dell OpenManage Essentials console
• Monitor and manage distributed PowerEdge
systems wherever they are on the network
• One console can scale to manage hundreds
of servers
• Easy to install and simple to use
• Modern user interface with faster responsiveness
OpenManage Essentials
Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller
(iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller
• Save time performing systems tasks with agentfree lifecycle management of PowerEdge 12th
generation servers which allows your customers
to deploy, monitor, update and maintain systems
• Integration with VMware® vCenter™ and Microsoft®
Systems Center for streamlined management in
virtual environments
13 Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge VRTX simplifies
systems management
Geographic View
• Geographic View of distributed PowerEdge VRTX
• Rapid, at-a-glance identification of remote system
location and health status via color-coded icons
• Easy to use and intuitive compared to traditional
tree hierarchical view
• Seamlessly linked to Dell OpenManage Essentials
to perform management tasks
Chassis Management Controller (CMC)
for PowerEdge VRTX
• Reduces complexity by converging management
of server nodes, storage, networking and power
into a unified tool, presented in a single console
• Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)
reduces potential for error
• Consistent with CMC used in the data centre,
allowing IT administrators to use what they know
and reduce training time
14 Dell confidential – NDA required
Geographic View for VRTX
PowerEdge VRTX simplifies
networking and I/O
PowerEdge VRTX
rear view
Simplified networking
• Integrated networking ports and industry-standard PCI
slots reduce costs to fit small business budgets
Eight flexible PCIe slots
• Three full-height/full-length PCI slots
– Support graphics processing units (GPUs), both
single-wide and double-wide
• Five small form-factor slots
• Slot management
– Base-level Express management supports up to
two PCIe second generation slots per server node
• Flexible slots are assignable to a dedicated server
node on a one-to-one basis
– Advanced Enterprise system management licence
• Up to four PCIe slots assignable to a specific node
I/O (input/output) options
• 1GbE internal switch module comes standard
– Linked to PowerEdge M620 Select Network Adapter
and/or PowerEdge M520 I/O modules (IOMs)
– Supports aggregation for up to 8Gb bandwidth
• Optional pass-thru module with eight port 1GbE ports
15 Dell confidential – NDA required
Up to four hot plug
redundant power
supply units
Eight RJ45 ports
Up to four hot plug redundant blowers
16 Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge VRTX solution scenario:
Small legal office
Scenario: A growing legal practice continues to add new staff and needs a more flexible IT
solution that supports the growing practice. Specifically, they need to improve collaboration
between associates and clients, improve case reporting and archiving, and ensure
confidentiality of client information.
Problem: Unfulfilled IT goals
Solution: PowerEdge VRTX
• Reduce floor space taken by hardware sprawl.
• IT floor space is reduced, improving appearance
and freeing up room for new purposes.
• Adopt an IT platform that grows with the business.
• Boost system uptime by reducing service provider
response time.
• Enhance client service with faster, more reliable
access to client data.
• Reduce noise.
• Easy compute and storage scalability is just an
insertion away to support business growth.
• Geographic View and Dell OpenManage
solutions enable the service provider to detect
and resolve issues remotely and quickly,
eliminating travel time to the legal office.
• Large, shared internal storage capacity and
exceptional performance improve client service,
without the cost and complexity of a storage
area network (SAN).
• Noise levels are reduced, improving
staff productivity.
17 Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge VRTX solution scenario:
Regional healthcare organisation
Scenario: A growing regional practice needs to meet compliance requirements
for protecting patient information; increase collaboration for referrals; implement
electronic records; and improve care and electronic access for patients.
Problem: Unfulfilled IT goals
Solution: PowerEdge VRTX
• Overcome hardware sprawl as an inhibitor
to growth.
• PowerEdge VRTX scalability helps to avoid the
cost of relocating to a larger office with more
space. Now business growth is supported, rather
than inhibited.
• Accommodate data explosion due to growing
number of patients.
• Control operational expenses by enhancing
productivity of small IT support staff.
• Huge, secure storage capacity inside the box scales
with growing patient population without the cost of
an external SAN.
• Ensure delivery of patient care by reducing
system downtime due to the amount of time
it takes to detect remote system issues.
• A unified systems management solution increases
productivity of current IT support staff and avoids
cost of hiring new systems administrators.
• Implement server virtualisation to control
capital and operational expenses, and enhance
system availability.
• The OpenManage Geographic View feature enables
rapid, at-a-glance detection of remote system
problems from the central site.
• Pre-tested and certified hardware and hypervisor
configurations permit smooth and confident
implementation of server virtualisation.
18 Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge VRTX solution scenario:
National retail enterprise
Scenario: A national retailer needs to standardise their IT infrastructure to reduce costs.
Specifically, their challenges include enhancing customer service; driving better supply chain
reporting and decision support; security; availability; and significantly reducing the resources
required to maintain IT policies. They also need help updating, monitoring and protecting data
across hundreds of stores.
Problem: Unfulfilled IT goals
Solution: PowerEdge VRTX
• Improve customer service with faster access
to customer records.
• Speed up customer service with exceptional compute
and storage performance, without the cost of a SAN.
• Cost-effectively improve high availability and
enhance system uptime in retail outlets.
• Live migration inside the chassis reduces downtime
while avoiding the complexity and hassle of cabling,
powering and managing a SAN.
• Standardise, on a single platform, across all sites
and headquarters’ data centre, to reduce
complexity and costs of disparate hardware.
• Reduce potential for error and system downtime
caused by different tools to manage retail outlets
versus the central data centre.
• Enable systems administrators at the central
site to more quickly assess remote system health
and speed up problem diagnosis.
19 Dell confidential – NDA required
• Standardise and simplify deployment and
management with a platform that uses the
same server nodes as the data centre.
• CMC for PowerEdge VRTX in remote outlets
has consistent look and feel with CMC in the
data centre, letting IT administrators use what
they know, confidently.
• The OpenManage Geographic View feature enables
at-a-glance identification of remote system location
and health from the central site, boosting uptime
at outlets.
20 Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge VRTX:
Making the complex simple
PowerEdge VRTX is a simple and right-sized solution that manages and consolidates business
applications in two to three virtualised servers with shared storage, all at an affordable price.
Current environment
PowerEdge VRTX
Complex, inefficient and rigid
Simple, efficient and versatile
21 Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge VRTX systems management:
Levels of control
Single office locations
with third-party
Dell consoles
• CMC converges management of servers,
storage and networking
– Easy to install and low-touch
– Simple to use with fast, modern
user interface
Data centres
Chassis Management
• CMC complemented by full suite of
OpenManage tools including iDRAC7
with Lifecycle Controller
iDRAC with Lifecycle
Dell services
• Integrated with third-party ecosystems
(Microsoft, VMware and BMC software)
• Remote management of multiple
PowerEdge VRTX systems in
multiple offices:
Tools and utilities
– OpenManage Essentials monitors
and manages PowerEdge VRTX
– Geographic View maps PowerEdge
VRTX location and health status
22 Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge VRTX:
Tailor configurations to specific needs
Compute and storage integration
• 5U tower chassis (standalone or rackable)
• Up to four server nodes, hot plug and it’s serviceable
– Includes PowerEdge M520 and PowerEdge M620
blade servers at initial release
– Additional PowerEdge M-series servers available in the future
Shared storage
• 12 x 3.5-inch or 25 x 2.5-inch hot plug HDDs
• Front KVM access; LCD display; USB; Optional DVD-RW
Integrated networking — Ethernet
• 1GbE internal switch module is standard
• Optional pass-thru module with eight 1GbE ports
Flexible, expandable I/O — Eight PCIe slots
• Three full height/full length with Dell Wireless card support (225W)
• Five low profile/half length (75W)
High availability — Redundant power supply units/fans
• 1100W AC (1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 2+2)
Full systems management capabilities
• Easy to use
• Entry-level Express and advanced Enterprise levels
of chassis-level management
• Office-level acoustics and power: 100V – 240V
• Optional redundant management controller
23 Dell confidential – NDA required
PowerEdge VRTX with four half-height
server nodes and 12 3.5-inch HDDs
Customer benefits
Experience greater simplicity
• Save space with servers, storage and networking
converged into a desk-side chassis
• Familiar platforms and technologies inside the box
• Integrated, pre-tested and certified for
confident deployment
Realise improved efficiency
• Save time and reduce potential for error with
unified and simplified systems management
• Ensure more uptime with high-availability
features and live migration
• Reduce capital and operational expenses
with consolidation and virtualisation
• Versatile and scalable
Discover greater versatility
• Office power profile and desk-side acoustics
• Extensive scalability within a stable platform
• Support for future PowerEdge 13th generation
servers protects IT investment
24 Dell confidential – NDA required
• Easy to manage
• Optimal size, acoustics and power
• Consolidation, virtualisation capable
• Affordable
25 Dell confidential – NDA required
Partner benefits summary
Capitalise on new opportunities
• Target small to midsize offices, as well as remote and branch offices.
• Increase revenue with your own custom market solutions.
• Continue to make money with remote management add-on services.
Increase your profits simply
• Profit from a solutions platform that's easy to sell, configure and manage.
• Start out as an expert with familiar platforms and technology.
• Deliver solutions that your customers have wanted, but couldn't get—until now.
Succeed with Dell's help
• Gain even more knowledge with PowerEdge VRTX training.
• Promote this new offering with co-brandable marketing materials.
26 Dell confidential – NDA required
Partner Portal Resources
Presentation, Competitive Comparisons,
Co-Brandable Assets, Demonstration
Resources, etc.
27 Dell confidential – NDA required
Show your customer VRTX CMC Systems Management
28 Dell confidential – NDA required
Take action and WIN
Take the online VRTX Sales (code to be added) or Technical training
(VRTX0613WBTT) and claim Partner Advantage points.
Learn to give the VRTX customer presentation available on the Partner
Portal and go to demos.dell.com to schedule your customer for a demo.
Learn to demo the VRTX CMC management tool
Go to the Partner Portal and use the co-brandable assets
to generate leads.
Claim Partner Advantage points for all VRTX sales, including extra points
when selling to new customers.
29 Dell confidential – NDA required
Thank you