MUGS Set 3 Focus on Punctuation

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Transcript MUGS Set 3 Focus on Punctuation

English IV
MUGS Set 3
Focus on Punctuation
Quotation Marks, Comma (Other),
Colon, Hyphen, Spelling
Ms. Walker asked, “Class, how
would you rank the following
qualities: honesty, kindness, love,
achievement, self-esteem,
loyalty, and financial success?”
Punctuation (Title), Quotation Marks,
Apostrophe, Spelling
“When you set out to fail,” writes
John Holt in his book, How Children
Fail, “one thing is certain – you can’t
be disappointed.”
Comma (Other), Spelling, Using the
Right Word
Though banks may supply “virtual”
money in the form of online cash,
the debt, my dear, is all too real.
Punctuation (Title), Quotation Marks,
Hyphen, Comma (Other)
In an essay entitled “Why We Still
Can’t Wait,” Coretta Scott King
wrote, “If the alternative to full
employment is simply to wait, to
tolerate in silence the shattered
dreams of jobless youth and the
broken hearts of laid-off men, then
my choice is clear.”
Quotation Marks, Comma (Other)
George Bernard Shaw once said,
“If you cannot get rid of the
family skeletons, you may as well
make them dance.”