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Class of 2016
Graduation Requirements
Keystone Series
Designing Your Future
2012-2013 9th Grade Cohort
2012-2013 9th Grade Cohort
Foreign Language
• If you are planning on attending a college or
university after high school, you will need a
minimum of two years of the same foreign
• Foreign Language is not required for high
school graduation.
Pinnacle Viewer & Email Addresses
Pinnacle Viewer logins and passwords are the same as last
year for any student who was in a Polk County School.
If you need the info, please email
[email protected]
Login: [email protected]
[email protected] (graduating in 2017)
Initial password: Lw(six digit ID)
Example: Lw654321
SAT and ACT – 11th Grade students
may want to wait until 2nd
• The next registration deadline for the SAT
is Nov.6th
• The SAT test will be on Dec. 6, 2014
• The next registration deadline for the ACT
is Nov.7th
• The ACT test will be on Dec.13, 2014
H2H with Purpose
• Tutoring in the CLT
• Office Hours to work
with teachers
• Make-up Work
• Edmentum/FLVS
• Club Meetings
Bell Schedule
Florida Bright Futures
LWHS College Admissions Seminar
General Requirements
Florida resident and a U.S. Citizen or eligible
Complete the Florida Financial Aid Application
(FFAA) no later than August 31 after high
school graduation
Earn a standard diploma or its equivalent from
a Florida public high school or private high
No previous criminal charges
Be accepted by a postsecondary institution
within 2 years after graduation
Must enroll for at least 6 non-remedial
semester credit hours per term
Florida Academic Scholars (FAS)
Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS)
Requirements for Scholarships
Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship
Graduate from high school with a Standard Diploma
Achieve the required weighted minimum 3.0 GPA in the
non-elective high school courses
16 core credits required to graduate from high school
within four years
Take at least 3 full credits in a single Career and Technical
Education program
Achieve the required minimum 3.5 unweighted GPA in
the career education courses
Complete 30 service hours
Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship
Achieve the required minimum score on the ACT®,
SAT®, or Florida Postsecondary Education Readiness
Test (P.E.R.T.) exams
GSV awards may only be used at postsecondary institutions that offer
an applied technology diploma, technical degree education program
(associate in applied science or associate in science), or a career
certificate program.
College Entrance Exams
Bright Futures uses the best section score from multiple sittings
of the same exam to give the best overall composite score.
ACT Composite = English, Math, Reading and Science (rounded
to the next whole number)
SAT Composite = Critical Reading and Math
Exams may be taken through June 30 of the student’s graduation
year; no limit to the number of times a student may retake the
Students should request test scores be sent to one of Florida’s
12 state universities, colleges, or public high schools.
Community Service Hours
Documentation of service hours must be submitted to
LWHS by deadlines given
Hours must be completed when student is enrolled in
high school and finished by graduation.
Proposal Form, Hour Log, Reflection
[email protected],
Community Service Coordinator for LWHS
The Process
The award (or ineligibility) determination will be posted to a
student's online Financial Aid Recipient History (FARH) screen and is
viewable by the student. Login credentials will be sent to the
student after the FFAA is submitted and enable a student to:
view award status (eligibility determination)
view/update demographic information
view/update postsecondary institution
view the amount disbursed each semester
view the spring renewal GPA
monitor hours remaining for the year and for the scholarship
view all correspondence posted and/or sent from the FDOE
Please check your application and award status. It is
imperative you provide your correct name, address,
date of birth, social security number, and inform us of
any changes.
Early Evaluations begin in March and Final Evaluations
begin in July
The Florida Department of Education will:
Begin funding your scholarship during the fall term following
your high school graduation.* The academic year begins in
the fall and ends in the summer. Scholarship recipients are
not eligible for funding during the summer term immediately
following high school graduation.*
Send scholarship funds to the eligible Florida postsecondary
institution of your choice prior to the beginning of each term.
The money will then be applied to your account after the last
day of the drop/add period at your postsecondary institution.
Please contact the Student Services Department with
any questions.
[email protected],
Assistant Principal of Curriculum
anuj.saran, Director of Operations & IB
krista.thompson, Director of Student Services
anna.barcenas, Student Services Professional
kaleigh.mccoy, College & Career Counselor
tavaris.johnson, College & Career Counselor
brenda.smith, Guidance Secretary
mary.kipe, Guidance Secretary
Student Services
Krista Thompson
Director of Student Services
Students A-F
Community Service
Anna Barcenas
Students O-Z
OJT/Guided Work
TaVaris Johnson
Students G-N
Kaleigh McCoy
All IB Students
SAT/ACT Waivers
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